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Full Version: To: Nick Sten (Forlorn)
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Mister Sten

It has been a while since last we spoke, but the service requires your assistance once again on a matter we cannot openly approach ourselves. I'm afraid it isn't a matter of hunting down an dealing with any particular person either, rather it is a matter of diplomacy. I understand you are not our messenger, and I certainly don't mean to treat you as such, but we do need you to help us get the ball rolling on this matter and you are in a far better position to initiate this particular conversation than we are.

If you accept, I would ask you send a message to the Red Hessian Army informing them that we, the SIS, are willing to open negotiations regarding a cessation of hostilities. I will not lie to you Nick, I'm not sure if your role would end there, you may very well end up playing diplomat for us. However, I am more than willing to pay for your time. I pitch to you now, the sum of 500 Million Credits for your time.

I look forward to your response and I do hope you remain in good health since our last interaction.

H.V. Weber
Director of S.I.S
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