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Full Version: Machinations of the High Command
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825 A.S - Durban Station, Omicron Rho

//Core| HC Only
[Image: It5dF6G.png]

Within the fortress of Omicron Rho, in orbit of Planet Rio, Durban Station stood tall. The bastion of The Core, Durban is the culmination of The Core's technological and military prowess. Fighter and Gunboat wings could be seen patrolling, carefully monitoring the influx of Bisons and Clydesdales ferrying commodities in and out of Durban. In the distance a Mako, flanked by Threshers, eclipsed the Rho sun.

[Image: RbI0XSI.png]

Beyond the busy hangars, the secretive science labs, the bustling mess halls, and the lush green biodome forests, at the top of the station was Durban's Peak. The Core elite would gather here, where they would discuss The Core and its schemes. Upon walking through large silver doors guarded by several Core marines, one would enter a large, dimly-lit, circular room. The dark, obsidian interior gave the room a void-like appearance. In the middle of the room stood a table adjourned with several chairs, illuminated by a single hologram of Nauru.