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Full Version: [Dev notice] Hitbox Bug/Fix Report Thread
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In the past week I've devised a method of making perfectly form fitting, high quality hitboxes using only 3dsmax and obj->sur. Not only does this method produce high quality impact surfaces, but it is also extremely efficient - producing several hitboxes a day is completely realistic, though not how I'd want to spend all of my time. The purpose of this thread is to serve as a bug reporting center for existing hitboxes away from the usual one, in order to better facilitate and expedite the process of fixing the myriad of broken content currently in the mod.

Please do not post reports without visual confirmation of the issue.

Post format:

[color=#FFCC00][b]Ship name:[/b][/color] Sunrider
[color=#FFCC00][b]Hitbox issue:[/b][/color] Right wing does not detect shots.
[color=#FFCC00][b]Visual evidence:[/b][/color]

Ships rehitboxed:



Ship name: Scorpion
Hitbox issue: Where to begin?
Visual evidence: Afraid I lack recording software and a scorpion on server to show it.

The Scorpion's model has multiple, severe issues which cause some FL modding software to actually crash, and will be receiving an entirely new model next update. - Justin
Ship name: Osiris
Hitbox issue: While im not complaining about this issue, its also completely unfair to people fighting my ship, For some reason towards the rear of the Osiris there seems to be an issue when it comes to projectiles like missles and CD's to actually do its job. This is not always the case but maybe you can take a look?
Visual evidence: No evidence at this time.
Ship name: Nephilim Zoner Colony Ship
Hitbox issue: Right side of hangar bay allows objects to clip inside and through the ship.
Visual evidence: None at this time. (Will edit when bad net is done uploading.)