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Full Version: »Recipient ID: Liberty Government | From: Office of National Security
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July 16th, 825 A.S.
New York system, ONS HQ

Opening transmission . . .

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Identification: Sorrento, Nolan
Recipient: Liberty Government
Topic: Junkers; Rheinland - Kusari conflict

Highly estimated members of the libertonian government:

I am contacting you on behalf of two issues, one of which being the Junkers in Liberty and the other one being the escalation of the Planet Saigon conflict that just caused an open conflict between the Federal Republic of Rheinland and the Restored Empire of Kusari.

Currently, the Junkers as a whole are considered to be neutral within the borders of our house as long as they obey our laws, which is a just and fair decision by the Congress but also a naive and abusive one. Sadly, the Junkers are anything but lawful, yet, they are still not considered the opposite. Criminal groups such as the Liberty Rogues, Outcasts, and Lane Hackers receive support and shelter from the Junkers, all under the eyes of the law enforcement. Rochester is the best example for a failed tolerate policy regarding this group, as numerous of lawful personnel are outraged about the amounts of criminals using Junker stations as a refuge, which is a clear violation of section four paragraph five of the Liberty laws. This is just one example of the Junkers proving to be little more than a supporter of dangerous criminals that risk the safety of our nation. Another problem is the smuggling and slavery business. Due to their ties with the Outcasts, it is not a rarity to see Junker Salvagers or larger trying to ship Cardamine into Liberty and abusing their permissions to dock on our stations and planets to sell it on the black market, or seeing them shipping slaves through our borders. Such instances have been reported unnecessarily often with no real consequences following. The Junkers denounce such actions by their supposed allies and claim that no criminal is allowed to use their bases as a refuge, yet it still keeps happening. Therefore, we request a clear stance on the issue and hope for justice, we have banned and flagged ships that fail to live by our rules for a long time, merely the Junkers keep avoiding their justified punishments.

About the second topic, since Rheinland and Kusari have turned their seemingly prosperous relation into a state of war, we would like to know if the government has any interest in gathering intel about the current diplomatic, militaristic or similar state between these nations. We are ready to send out agents that remain undercover and monitor the situation, hopefully to find out that there is no risk coming on its way to Liberty and to be prepared in time if such a case might occur nonetheless. Of course, we will not risk Liberty's position within this difficult diplomatic situation and refrain from operating within the troubled area in any way or sort if permission is not granted.

Yours faithfully.

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Director Sorrento
Office of National Security
Chief of Staff

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Re-sending transmission

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