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Full Version: To: Kusari Naval Forces High Command
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»ID: Nathan Archos
»Location: Durban Station, Omicron Rho
»Subject: Sigma Taskforce


We have seen the recent declarations of war. Whilst we are saddened to see two great Houses embroiled in conflict, we will refrain from getting in-between your politics as it is not our place. We do, however, still care about the safety of your pilots and the sovereignty of your territories during this war - two things criminal scum will most likely attempt to maliciously take advantage of when you are fighting. This cannot be allowed to stand.

The Core has taken upon itself to construct a 'Sigma Taskforce' to better police the Sigma region in these difficult times, and allow yourselves to focus on the war effort rather than dealing with the rabble that might attempt to sabotage your efforts:

Quote:As you have all heard, a war between Rheinland and Kusari has recently broken out in the Sigmas. As both of those two Houses are both key allies and important markets for us, we will not be taking a side in the war. If you are the observer of a battle between Kusari and Rheinland, you are to not interfere.

However, that does not mean we are not getting involved. Criminal presence is expected to rise; namely, groups such as the Order, the Blood Dragons, the Corsairs, the Outcasts, the Nomads, the Wild as well as independent Pirates will all most likely make an appearance throughout. We will be policing the Sigma region alongside local law enforcement, and terminating any hostiles we come across.

Currently, these operations are philanthropic. The Core feels it has an obligation to help our allies. But in order to maintain consistent support - specifically that of Capitals - it would be good if individual pilots could be compensated for their work. It would be a good incentive and within your interest, so that you may come out top in this conflict.

On another note, although Rheinland has declared embargoes on several of our goods, I'm sure the Kusari Naval Forces could benefit from shipments of APM Advanced Hardware, Iridium and Azurite at least for protecting your sovereign territories. And between us, the aggression of Rheinland against your people was horrific. We also worry that if Rheinland gains significant territory in the Sigmas, an encroachment on Omicronis space may come next.

-N. Archos
Supreme Guildmaster, The Core


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