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Incoming Transmission

[Image: CrdL0JT.jpg]

From: Sentinel Flora, Gaian Guard
To: The Order Bounty Board
Encryption: Not bad at all
Subject: Bounty claims


I brought you a little something you might like.

Sentinel Flora, the Watchers

Transmission Over
[Image: xeneor.png]

Snagged two nomads for you. One was carrying human cargo, possibly to infect at a later date. Freed them and eliminated both.

Additionally, attaching intel shots of an infected Liberty Navy gunboat. Infiltration isn't as effective when using blatantly nomadic tech. Unfortunately it cloaked away when nearly dead.

Kha'desh - Nomad - 4'000'000 SC

Ish'Rak - Nomad - 4'000'000 SC

Intel shots/killshots

Total payment: 8'000'000 SC

Payment may be wired to XA-Phantom.4
[Image: KAQ2z4i.png?1]

⧫ Akabat
⧫ Omicron Mu
⧫ 25/10/825
⧫ FROM: The Order Subcontracting Agency
⧫ TO: Operators

Monetary transfers

To most esteemed Operators.

Gaian Flora, termination of infected vessel has been confirmed. Glad to see you were able to match and defeat it.

[Image: ncmKR98.jpg?1]

Xeno Phantoms, you possibly saved enormous ammount of lifes from fate worse than death. You will find token of our appreciation on your account.

[Image: 9uIwqjf.jpg?1]

Lt. Commander Indigo Sheridan
Wedjat, Special Operations Command
[Image: tFm5Y6X.png]
[Image: HAcCDJ4.png?1]
Incoming Transmission

Sender ID: Mark Webb
Location Origin: "Taba Starbase", Omicron Mu, Omicron Sector
Subject: Claiming a couple of hostile kills.
Signal Strength: Strong
Packet Loss: 0%
Date: 4th November 825A.S

Opening Message....

Evening Grand Admiral,

Just back dating a couple of recent kills made, and wishing to claim some funds as the battlegroup is running a little low as of late.
Please send all funds to "Reaper" one of the Spatials of 4th Blackfleet Black Lance.
The ship names that have been terminated are as follows;
1) Rick_Ross 0.05 seconds Confirmation of kill. Outcast IFF and ID Shetland Transporter. 5,000,000 Due.
2) Kha'desh 0:40 seconds Confirmation of kill. Nomad IFF and ID, Labraid LF. 4,000,000 Due.
3) Zeta-12 6:06 Confirmation of kill. Core IFF and ID, Steelhead Bomber, 5,000,000 Due.
4) K'hara|Ninn'Shigal 0:29 Confirmation of kill. Nomad IFF and ID, Nomad Bomber, 4,000,000 Due.
This is all for the moment Grand Admiral, that is a total of 18,000,000 owed to the Black Lance battlegroup.

[Image: onZkKku.png]
Your name: Damian Morreti

Claimant bank account: XA-Cobra

Threats Sanitized: .Akira|Aoi

Circumstances: Found it by chance chatting to a Liberty Rogue in New York. Felt something was odd about them, went with my gut and shot it down.

• Identification - Compromised

Credits owed: 4,000,000
[Image: KAQ2z4i.png?1]

⧫ Akabat
⧫ Omicron Mu
⧫ 24/04/826
⧫ FROM: The Order Subcontracting Agency
⧫ TO: Operators

Monetary transfers

To most esteemed Operators.

Mark Webb, even despite termination of your membership with The Order Black Fleet, we would had still honor the deal if only you had transmitted your claim and evidence in a form at least remotely similar to standards expected by our bureau. Our extreme - in this particular case - leniency has its limits however. Suitable form was even provided in the original communication for ease of processing claims that other Order operatives had so far adapted to use without problem. For administrative process, I am marking this claim as invalid.

Xeno Cobra, I had been notified by Admiral Golanski himself and forwarded additional data concerning your encounter, as well as promise made by an Order Overwatch member. The Aoi Iseijin differ from Wilde only in cultural background of the original host and therefore will be treated the same. Four million credits had been wired to your account.

[Image: H6emdlp.jpg?1]

List of the authorized operators will be updated shortly based on recent changes brought to attention of The Order Overwatch.

Lt. Commander Indigo Sheridan
Wedjat, Special Operations Command
Your name: XA-Garter

Claimant bank account: XA-Garter

Threats Sanitized: Sleepyhead

Circumstances: We really don't know what to tell you. It showed up, we killed it.


Credits owed: 3,000,000

[Image: UMPM681.png][Image: 4w.png]
[Image: 10w.png][Image: 20w.png][Image: 34w.png][Image: 43w.png]


Omicron Minor, Core, Lich
5 000 000 SC


Credits: 5 000 000 SC
Account: LH~Mildred.Wolfe
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