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As the Crayter Republic's colonization of planet Yuma progressed, production capabilities expanded, and the need for long range deployments into hostile territory increased, calls for re-invigorating jump drive research grew louder within the government. At the same time, unconventional solutions to new food and medical needs were required in order to brave the aggressive biosphere of the newly colonized planet.

Sabah Research Section was founded in the year 825 A.S, with the primary goal of upgrading and re-installing the jump drives which had once brought the fleet of refugees to Sirius, but which had since been outmatched in efficiency by the gates, lanes, and cruise engines of Sirius.

Under the leadership of the mysterious Charlotte Schmidt and Anton Rubin, Sabah Research Section soon produced hyperspace drive designs that gave the republic behind-enemy-lines strike and limited faster-than-light logistic capabilities. Likewise, the almost overly-ambitious Avatari Chattopadhyay was preparing to take the republic into the next dimension of biotechnology.
Personell Background
Mobile Assets

Doctor Anton Rubin

[Image: IdDcFlj.png]
As a young man, Anton Rubin was one of the most inovative faster-than-light researchers in the Crayter sector, and thereby among the first to become aware of the looming disaster that was about to strike the colonies. His team worked frantically in order to render as many ships as possible jump-capable, on which the more fortunate part of the population then escaped the deadly radiation on a lengthy Odyssey of successive hyperspace jumps.

Because a large part of Crayter's inhabitants had to be abandoned for lack of transportation and not all ships made it to the habitable worlds of Sirius, the scientists were not lauded as saviors by everyone. Some hated them as failures, to the point where conspiracy theorists made their hyperspace experiments responsible for the Quasar eruption in the first place. Upon arrival in Sirius, Anton faded into relative obscurity until the Republic's government decided to turn Crayter's expertise with hyperspace drives into a weapon that would allow them to perform surgical strikes in difficult to reach places.

People who interact with Anton often joke about him coming from a parallel universe because of the state of confusion about past and present events he constantly seems to be in. He cares little for what others think of him, and keeps his mind focused on his work almost always. When Anton is not on Sabah Research Section, he's directing field experiments aboard the Research Vessel Athena, struggling with hyperspace nausea.

Captain Douglas Lawrence
[Image: SEbRFMR.jpg]

Douglas Lawrence is captain of the Research Vessel Orpheus, a refurbished Sirian Bustard civilian carrier. Originally purchased with the goal of analyzing and reverse-engineer Sirius cruise drive technology, the Orpheus turned into an amalgamate of different technology branches from all over Sirius.

Equipped with cloaking device, jump drive, and hyperspace survey modules, it has become Crayter's main asset for sneaking deep into enemy territory and obtain hyperspace coordinates.

Specialist Phoebe Lawrence

[Image: eUOS8lz.png]
As Captain Lawrence's daughter, Phoebe was born on his first ship during the exodus. She experienced multiple hyperspace jumps during her mother's pregnancy, something that caused a high number of miscariages with other women. Like many children who came into existence during the voyage, she grew up detached from “normal” human life, and feels more like a child of the universe than one that has or ever had a home on any planet.

While participating in a mission aboard the Orpheus, which was intended to survey coordinates inside the Schwarzschild radius of the Razgriz and then jump out to escape the black hole, she was struck in the head by a “For those we left behind!” sign that was torn off the wall by the excessive gravity gradient. When she awoke from the coma after the Orpheus had jumped to the safety, she appeared to have somehow left part of her mind in the black hole, and was speaking unintelligible gibberish that seemed vaguely Nomad related.

Phoebe is currently employed as “special advisory specialist” on the Research Vessel Eurydice, a Deimos class Dreadnought with heavily reinforced skeleton and doubly attached "For those we left behind" panels. They are tasked with braving the Razgriz's gravity tide and find out what's going on beyond the event horizon, and eventually, with Phoebe's mind.

Captain Elsa Teufel
[Image: ZVEURqs.png]

Elsa is the captain of the Atlas Transport Ashanti, Sabah Research Section's main supply ship. It is rumored that she was once a candidate for High Command, but was demoted for insubordination by a vengeful CIS agent during a disagreement concerning the role of women in the military.

Elsa also seems to have somewhat of an intimate relationship with Anton Rubin, which few people understand the nature of. She has a rather mouthy and dominant personality, and is not afraid to let everyone know that she hates nothing more than inefficiency and stupidity.

Professor Doctor Avatari Chattopadhyay

[Image: FBvMhr0.png]
Starting at a young age, Avatari was possessed by a fascination for what one organism could do to another. The gene manipulated plant and mold cultures she bred as a child not only won her the Crayterian Junior Scientist 3rd-Grader award, but secretly also helped her resolve various personal issues she would have with others throughout her entire life. Quickly ascending the ladders of academia thanks to her extraordinary understanding of aggressive and predatory life forms, she soon ran her own biological research division.

As the Crayterian population in Yuma's somewhat aggressive biosphere grew, so did the demand for unconventional food and medical solutions. All experiments that ran the risk of contaminating and damaging the planet's ecosystem were performed in an isolated environment in space, aboard a wing of Sabah Research Section. With the increasing import of commodities, raw materials, people, and other living (or seemingly dead) things from all over Sirius, part of the station was also dedicated into receiving, quarantining, and studying anything that had DNA, before it was declared to be safe for Yuma.

Administrator Charlotte Schmidt

[Image: 3MW2SOx.png]
After the first successful multidimensional spaghettification-annulling hyper-jumps that refuted the cosmic censorship hypothesis (and sometimes had unexpected side effects), leadership of Sabah Research section was re-assigned to the new administrator, Charlotte Schmidt. Conspiracy theorists speculate that the move took place in order to keep Anton Rubin from breaking timespace a second time, like they allege he did back in the Crayter Sector. Moderate voices however affirm that Anton simply wanted to spend more time doing research and less on administrative things.

Charlotte was quick to impose a strict security regime on parts of the station, with extensive surveillance over the rest. While common materials that were needed for regular maintenance of stations and construction of space ship parts were outsourced to external companies, the Crayter transports that were seen docking on SRS became more and more secretive. Charlotte's whereabouts are oftentimes just as mysterious as her origins, as she sometimes disappears into security zones and then reappears far outside of them, sometimes on various ships at the other end of Sirius.

[Image: 4BewCnj.png]

Although Sabah Research Section's research is top secret, trusted ships can apply for docking permission in order to deliver commodities needed for maintenance, research, and advanced gadget construction.

Docking Permission Application
Ship Name:
Ship Affiliation:
Purpose of visits:

I hereby affirm that I will not divulge to anyone things witnessed in or around Sabah Research Section (exception to the CIS), that I will not buy or steal any objects or information without permission from the station owners, and that I will not bring technology that will enable me or others to spy on what goes on in and around Sabah Reseach Section.

Table of Commodities bought by Sabah Research Section
CommodityPriceJD2JD3JD4DMTrade to Source
Reinforced Alloy
Yuma Water>Freeport 6
Gravity Field Stabil.
Sabah H-Fuel>Curacao Lux.Food>Manhattan Lib.Ale>Pueblo
Critical Temp. Alloy
Sabah H-Fuel>Curacao Tea>Nuremberg
Industrial Hardware
Sabah H-Fuel>Curacao Lux.Food>Manhattan Lib.Ale>Trenton
Robotic Hardware
Sabah H-Fuel>Curacao Lux.Food>Los Angeles
Argentium Silver
Sabah H-Fuel>Curacao Tea>Freeport 1 Crew>Freistadt
Hull Segments
Sabah H-Fuel>Curacao Lux.Food>Houston
High Perf. Alloy
Plasfoam Conduits
>Nago Station Hydrocarbons>Tsushima

Supply contract with Gateway Shipping Inc
Supply contract with Universal Shipping Inc
[Image: 20110920060754%21USI_Logo.png]

Name: John Flyingstar
Rank: Manager
Department: Department of Trade
Subject: Docking permission

Greetings, I would like to apply for docking access to Sabah Research Station for all ships flying for Universal Shipping Incorporated.

Docking Permission Application

Ship Name: [*USI*]Elko[M] (used as example)
Ship Affiliation: [*USI*]
Purpose of visits: Supplies
Proof of ID:

I hereby affirm that I will not divulge to anyone things witnessed in or around Sabah Research Section (exception to the CIS), that I will not buy or steal any objects or information without permission from the station owners, and that I will not bring technology that will enable me or others to spy on what goes on in and around Sabah Research Section.

[Image: qcAwCM9.png]

[Image: 3MW2SOx.png]---[Image: wtr8pW8.png]

Message from:
Charlotte Schmidt
Sabah Research Section
Crayter Republic

John Flyingstar

Docking Access


Mr Flyingstar, your ships are hereby granted access to Sabah Research Section. We look forward to working with you.