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Full Version: Dreadnought - World of Warships in Space
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Anyone playing this game? I at least enjoy it quite a bit since it debuted on steam (was in Beta for a few years and was released on PS 4 in 2017 already). It´s literally like World of Warships. Just in space. F2P. It is not a MOBA like Fractured Space, although both games seem to be similar

Multiplayer PVP only at the moment, though you can test out you ships against Bots in training matches if you want.

Vid is a bit older but should do it.

You gain access to different kind of capital ships, which are divided into 5 categories and 3 manufacturing styles:
  • Corvettes are like fast agile gunboats, sometimes with limited firing arcs though and not much armor.
  • Artillery cruisers are big flying guns, literelly the glass cannons in the game. Good long range damage, but vulnerable to anything that gets close enough.
  • Tactical cruisers are support ships, that are able to repair other ships and support them in either defensive or offensive ways.
  • Destroyers are the allround attack ships
  • Dreadnoughts are the biggest ships in the game, slow, but with huge pile of armor. Mostly used as area of denial weapons

The game itself has several game modes, so it is not just a Deathmatch. What I miss in this game is a detailed damage model like in Fractured space. In Dreadnought all damage goes to an overal health bar.
I've played it a bit, but not too much.
The game is very and very repetitive and becomes boring after 20-30 games. Also, long queues (before Steam), not sure if they managed to gain new audience.
Wow it's a Merc :o Is this the return of 141? Big Grin

I used to play Dreadnought quite a bit when it first came out. The most satisfying thing ever was launching a nuke on a healing ship that had no clue what it was doing. The explosion was amazing along with a decent ship kill. But Gardarik is right though. It just became very repetive and you had to do the same thing each time otherwise you'd lose. I guess a lot of games are like this but this one was worse.