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Full Version: [Name Vote] Bretonia Battlecruiser
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This is the new Bretonia Battlecruiser. We've had a hard time choosing the name of this ship and have decided to leave it up to the community. The three names we've narrowed it down to are all good ones, but you get to make the final call. The model is 95% done and I expect texture work will begin within a few days time.

This model is based on two concepts by Swallow, which was largely a pile of vanilla models kitbashed together. The original geometry and cleanup was handled by myself. Fun fact, it took roughly 12 hours to get it cleaned up enough to actually start making it look like a real ship.

Update Dec 13th: Model completed, Fortitude wins the vote. Texture work should begin soon!

P.S: See X-ray view for a surprise.
Holy damn. I love shape of that thing. If it can have that cartoony shark teeth paintjob on the front like some bombers from WW2 had -- please do so.
That thar be a pertty ship
Agincourt sounds too french, Thunderer too serbian.
(12-07-2018, 04:31 PM)Sombra Hookier Wrote: [ -> ]Agincourt sounds too french, Thunderer too serbian.

As opposed to Dunkirk and Crecy?
Thunderer was, supposedly, the name of the two-engined wreck in the southhampton debris field. It might have been in a old infocard, probably lost when trafalgar..changed hands, got destroyed, got re-setup, etc.

But that's all rumors. Rumors about a rumor that might never have existed, actually.

I did vote for Thunderer, but I'd suggest something Arthurian.
Voted for Thunderer. For reasons.

[Image: ZIKriZM.png]
(12-07-2018, 04:38 PM)Technology and Grants Wrote: [ -> ]
Voted for Thunderer. For reasons.


Please no voting with alts, Kaze >_>
Welp. It was the account I was logged in.

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