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Full Version: Couden's Media center
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>>> - Discovery Freelancer: [Official Event] Pyres of Remembrance
Coudos for the choice of music.
>>> - Discovery Freelancer 4.92: BAF & SCRA| & Enclave in Omega-49

>>> - SNAC is my favorite gun in FL
I also have a bunch of sigs done special for

[Image: Roonbg12.png?]

[Image: U-73Oder.withtext1.png?]
>>> - Discovery Freelancer: Archive [A MONSTER IN THE MIST] event
>>> - Discovery Freelancer: Invicta goes boom boom
>>> - Discovery Freelancer: Second Coalition Parade

>>> - Discovery Freelancer: After the Parade
>>> - Discovery Freelancer: Curacao Caper player event

Posting here cuz I am dumb and had no Idea I have this thread to shamefully post my vids in my own thread :kappa:
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