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Full Version: TAZ to Liberty Policy, Inc.
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To: Chief Matt Myers, Liberty Police, Inc.
From: Malaclypse, Episkopos, Temporary Autonomous Zoners.

Chief Myers,

Congratulations on your recent acquisition of the Illinois system and Springfield station!

I realize that enforcing laws within one's home can be a daunting and rather tedious task. I wish you well in accomplishing this task.

Now, as you may be aware, the TAZ have had a long-standing, if limited, trade agreement with the Kusarian Office of Imperial Contracts to supply their bases in Hiroshima, and to conduct limited trade through that system. Only three vessels are permitted to enter Hiroshima under this agreement, the [TAZ]Kyte (Whale), the [TAZ]Sophie.Noir (Whale), and the [TAZ]Discordia (you guessed it, a Whale..).

I would like to propose a similar limited trade agreement between TAZ and LPI for the same three vessels, subject to all other current and future laws and regulations the LPI might dictate for Illinois.

As an incentive and "binder" for this proposed agreement, the TAZ offers to pay the sum of 100,000,000 credits per vessel for this priviledge, for a sum total of 300,000,000 credits.

Until such time as we have come to an agreement regarding this Trade License, I have directed Kyte, Sophie, and Mama Dis to avoid the Illinois system during their supply runs to Hiroshima.

I will be monitoring this frequency for your response.

Thanks, Matt,
Mal, for the TAZ
To: Malaclypse, Episkopos, Temporary Autonomous Zoners.

From: Captain Hull O'Brain, LPI


Currently, Chief Myers is out of the office on official business. We will reroute your message to him and have him respond in kind to you.


Captain Hull O'Brian, LPI

To: Chief Matt Myers

From: Mr. Otis Jethro, VP Interspace Neural-Net Division

Re: Illinois Access

Mr. Myers, First and foremost I would like to congratulate you on your recent acquisition of the Illinois system. Now to the point, my ship the [IND]Bulls'N'Bears has been running routes threw Illinois for some time, having been granted a permit to trade in Hiroshima. I would like to request a permit to operate in Illinois -Del, so I can continue in my role as a good corporate citizen of Liberty. I am sure we can come to some kind of financial agreement on the matter.

Otis Jethro
Chief Myers thought. The security of the system could be compromised... well, no... thinking of the fat stacks of cash on the line, he sent out the following transmission.

100 million credits per each ship, on the condition you don't leave the path between the Colorado and Oita jump holes, and don't land anywhere but Springfield ((valid when we get the system modded)). If you're caught outside that area, well... let's just say your rights are revoked, and we don't hand out refunds.

Good day. Payment can be made to the LPI-Rikers
To: Chief Myers

From: Otis Jethro

Chief I of course accept your terms if those be what they are, but I would like to point that once development of your presence in the system is made (modded) the new bases in the system would need supplies and provisions in both the construction and operational phases of the project, (a project I might note that will probably be insured and secured with help from Interspace) as such I would like to request this agreement be modified at least for my ship or the IND as a whole (after the pre-requisite background check) to allow our fine company to supply your bases in Illinois, and aid in the projects success.

At the moment though, I agree to the terms you have laid out and will be forwarding payment immediately.

Otis Jethro

PAID TO LPI RIKERS - FROM [IND]Bulls'N'Bears - 100,000,000 credits.
To: Chief Myers
From: Reginald Waverly, Waverly LCC, FP6


My compliments to the NeuralNet Division on their award of contract. I would like to attest to their worthiness to serve all of Illinois.. not just Springfield Station. I'm sure their performance will be more than adequate for your upcoming development needs.

However, after discussion with Malaclypse over at the Temple, and review of our own upcoming needs, we have decided to postpone acceptance of contract for the time being.

The Sirius market seems to be in some upheaval at this time, as you know, and we also wish to reserve any long-term commitments until things "stabilise" a bit. We will however, offer you 23 Mil/ship/month for our three Sisters as a "lease", until such time as we have researched these future market fluctuations.

Thank you for your acceptance of our original terms; and thank you in advance for your consideration of this alternative proposal.

I remain,
I am sorry, Mr. Jethro, but you will be confined to Springfield. The LPI has enough transports to move the goods from there to other points in the system without much worry, and given the highly-sensitive security of some parts of the system, we cannot have traders gallivanting about.
Comm ID: Waverly

Interesting, sir.

First, "Otis" of the [IND] hijacks our diplomatic/financial overture, apparently too lazy to open his own channel..

Then, you respond to his his entreaties, and blithely ignore our second offer..

Well, just to show that we're bigger than that, the sum of 69 Million will be transferred toot sweet from the Flagheap to the Rikers, for the remainder of this month.

Perhaps you can see fit to respond by March, Chief?

Take it or leave it.

My apologies, I took my assent as a foregone conclusion, not worthy of mentioning. Of course your offer is accepted.