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Full Version: The Mean Greens
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The Mean Greens is currently on sale for real cheap. It's a third person shooter with a wide array of different game modes. I spent the entire afternoon playing this with and can safely say it's well worth the investment. The more people the better it is.
Such pun in the name though...
Reminds me of PS1 game called Army Men or something. Good times.
Did anyone else have a turbo controller so the automatic rifle was a downgrade from the basic rifle in army men
Who summoned [RM]?
Ok this lowkey looks like a ton of fun.
That bait topic title tho...
You don't see through my lies.
(02-09-2019, 06:15 PM)TheShooter36 Wrote: [ -> ]Such pun in the name though...

Damn funny I wasn't the only one that thought about the name aswell xD
Ok you should all fall for my clickbait then buy this so I have more people to play it with. Also the music is great.