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Leeds Resistance Forces - LRF|

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Faction Information

The population of Leeds has been enduring years of occupation under the Gallic Royal Crown. There is still a BAF/SIS supported resistance army active in fighting on the surface. which has taken on the employ of any vessels it can to contribute towards supplying and defending their lines. Non military combatants such as Privateers have become a large force of fighting vessels and suppliers, forming a backbone of a greater system wide resistance. As of late is has simply become known as 'The Resistance'.

Components of the BAF, SIS (Bretonia Intelligence), and many privateers have made up the brunt of the fighters in Leeds over the years, and only after the recent push into New London did the tide shift away from Leeds. With the BAF now isolated farther south, the SIS can only offer basic assistance as resources are strapped from action on various fronts.

As a series of new crises arise from Bretonia's militant expansions in the Omegas, and a deadlock between fleets around New London, SIS Officer Jonas Hudson seeks to rally any remaining civilian and paramilitary forces to begin organizing a self sufficient system wide resistance. While there is still time, as part of a back up plan, a last ditch effort will launched to rally whatever independent and local supporters that are available and willing, to join those still entrenched in Leeds. Hudson, who has focused his efforts primarily on operating in Leeds and Tau-31, enforcing the embargo, hopes that organizing remaing militants and privateers will help keep up the fight as Bretonia's main fleets are drawn farther away.

The LRF will be willing take in and/or employ former mercenaries, Leeds locals (militias), Bretonia supporters, and any willing corporations that sympathize with the cause.


The Resistance's main goal will be to establish an alternate base of operations in the Leeds System, and begin acquiring vessels from the open market, and black market alike, to refurbish as a rebel fleet. From there they will do all they can to resist Gallic occupation in Leeds. Since they will be severely outnumbered they will have to resort to guerrilla style tactics and utilize every resource available to them. That will include using converted civilian vessels such as transports to conduct piracy raids. With all of the trade lanes now repaired by Gallia, there are many vulnerable lanes open to attacks. The LRF can expand to any of the outlying areas within the system in order to form a solid route for the flow of supplies, and a safe secret base to operate from.

Their secondary objective will be to continue blockade running. They will launch a freighter fleet to maintain a solid supply operation for importing vital supplies to the Resistance Forces on Leeds. That means using freighters for mass atmospheric cargo transfer operations from incoming suppliers. They will build and maintain a regular and readily available force to quickly and efficently unload supporting supply vessels, who may bring in supplies such as Black Market Munitions, Marines and Light Arms. Additionally, outgoing trips will be used to evacuate as many Refugees and Casualties from our surface bases, to be loaded onto long range transports for evactuation out of the system.

ID: Bretonian Privateers (perhaps only temporarily?)
IFF: Privateers (eventually Resistance)
Tag: LRF|

Ships Allowed: Sirius Civilian, Bretonian Shipline, Generic Unlawful, all ships already allowed by ID. It is my hope that Cruisers could be SRP'd on the individual part of any of the members as they see fit.

Zone of Influence: Normal BP ZOI, minus the Omegas (except for the purposes of trade).


At present the intent is to operate in the same mannor as privateers always have throughout the war, except go a step further to organize a unified 'paramilitary' back up force to the BAF focusing on Leeds. We plan to maintain our alliegance to Bretonia, her corporations, and all allies in the war against the Kingdom of Gallia and the Corsairs Empire. However as time goes on they may find themselves making the odd deal with underworld factions if the situation becomes desparate. (//rep is basic to BP ID and subject to coordination with unlawfuls like Outcasts).

Jonas Hudson (LRF|Renegade/Stratocaster/Repulse) @ JonasHudson
Drake Newport (LRF|Drake.Newport) @Drake Newport
LRF|Penrose @Mobius64

Dischord: LRF| Intercom


OORP Section:

I'm aware that many are likely having similar ideas around this time and that my incantation of a Resistance force may not be the final version or be able to remain on the current ID pending further developments. If there is a long term future for the idea the ID can be subject to change.

I have been primarily flying the Leeds System and northern Bretonia warzone region for years now and start out as a BP on this char. I hope there will be those who understand that it seems that it would make sense to me that a long term resistance, if necessary, would wind up being organized by the intelligence wing, or what could always wind up being, former intelligence wing. With Hudson's experience, and his own resources, he makes for an appropriate choice in my eyes to get things started. OORPly, for those unfamiliar with me still, as TheUnforgiven I was the first 2IC of AFC, I was the evil mastermind behind the surprise RP bombings of the Zoner Militia, and have been an active member of the SIS for almost a year and a half.

Truth be told, while everyone is focusing on Omega-49, Omega-3, New London, I'm still trying to hold up the flag in Leeds. I do plan to change the JH character from SIS for this.

At worst I would like to assemble some players who still want to do things like privateer and RP as locals resisting occupation. It doesn't have to be huge, and it would basically be a very typical raider faction. I'm totally cool with people making new characters for this, or bringing in old ones they have that might fit in well.

Of course, in the event Bretonia is out of the war eventually, some Bretonians will have an outlet to continue fighting. If there is a reverse swing, and Leeds liberated, the option to continue as normal BP's to operate in the Omegas still would be there (or to merge with other groups).

dischord will be set up over the next couple of days

Feedback welcome here.

EDIT - 5-10-19
Added section to Recruitment Thread regarding close roleplay. I've decided to make us closed roleplay for those wishing to join, which is explained at the bottom of the recruitment thread.
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Still only 2 of us so far. I know people likely looked at this as going to be a super pvp heavy pirate faction. The truth is it is shaping up quickly to be more of a mix, and half of its nature will actually be oriented around black market shipping/blockade running.

I like to think that we are giving freighters a use again. It's actually been pretty fun so far just to do this type of activity. To be brutally honest, I had forgotten for a long time that the Resistance Base bought BMMs, Marines and even Light Arms for decent prices. I wish I hard started doing this a year ago or more.

Mostly though it is actually turning out to be for the RP, but if we do it right, its still a profitable run. The way I think of it is, I know it takes time to offload, but its like the opposite of mining. With mining, you need a miner to fill you up, or you fill yourself, and that takes a while. Then you ship it and selling takes no time.

With this its the opposite, you can just go buy the cargo, the wait comes at the end, not the start.

So for those contemplating interest, if you are not planning be be PVP combat driven, that is perfectly fine. We'll be happy to have more transport captains, etc (and I'll provide a freighter done and tagged for whoever wants in). The main thing for members will be that every member will have a freighter for servicing the Resistance Base, and a larger transport (liner) for running out Refugees/Casualties, running in your own BMM's for profit, and chipping in on base supply (won't force anyone but those looking for something to do like that, come find us!)

And of course the long term plan will involve using the POB in Leeds to make it easy on members to do this whole thing themselves. Meaning shipping in BMM's in a larger transport to the base, and shipping it back out to the Planet in your own freighter. Its not actually that long to do, and is a lot of fun if you're in it for heavy RP as well. In the long term future, an eventual core2 would allow other factions to do the same. For the first while that will mostly be for members only, but base supply contracts will be open to anyone willing. The more willing to chip in, the faster we get the cargo space for more!

So I hope to continue to build on the premise of being a group of resistance smugglers/blockade runners, as well as pirate raiders. That will always be an option, but as traffic varies, we'll be able to use the BMM's avenue to keep the ball rolling. We have had a decent amount of interest in helping the Resistance, we could use a few more players willing to fly transports/freighters. PVP will not be mandatory, and in a way, this trading is its own kind of economic PVP. Ideally, in the future, I'll make a serious suggestion in the appropriate forum to keep 2 epic sell points on Leeds to drive pro-Gallic and pro-Bretonian traders to the system, and keep each side with things to do.

Last point on that will be to the Gallic players, that victory may not always come in the form of kills or captures, but in deterrence. There will be times when just being on the board will drive us off.

As the greater Gallic War seems to soon be drawing to a close one way or the other, it seems reasonable that at least 1 new faction arise in a place like Leeds that will take on a life of its own!


This faction is disbanded. I'd like to thank all of the supporters we had over the past 5-6 months, everyone who came out for our convoys and who rp'd with me and whoever I could find to do the atmo run! It was an interesting time and I had a lot of fun with this idea. Good luck to everyone in their post Gallic war endeavors, and always remember Leeds!

Jonas Hudson (TheUnforgiven)