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Full Version: RFP Rheinland Polizei Press Releases
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Statement - Case: New Polizei Inspekteur, Innovations

PLANET NEU BERLIN, NEU BERLIN - Today at 10:00 SMT, Polizei Inspekteurin von Thielau announces the change of Leadership in the Rheinland Federal Polizei.

[Image: R4CtEEU.png]
Press conference with RFP Inspekteurin Kara von Thielau,
Niebelung Polizei Plaza Press Office, Planet Neu Berlin.

Von Thielau: "Ladies and gentlemen, citizens of Rheinland. You may have expected Frau Clausewitz to stand here and not me.
I have to tell you that she can not be here due to health issues.

*takes a small break and looks down on her notes*
…the former Inspekteur hat planned to do this Conference, not me so forgive me if I sometimes stuck on the notes. *some of the press chuckle*

You probably saw the Rheinland Polizei was disappointed by the loss of our old Inspekteur,*she stresses the following lines and speaks a bit louder* but I can assure you I will bring back the motivation and stolz to the Polizisten who missed their leader during her hospital stay. I don't know if it's too early for that to announce, but as I view our recent Applications after the changes I am sure we are forwarding straight to a golden age of the Polizei in Rheinland. The Coalition pushed into the Hamburg system helping the Hessians to make one of our Prisons unuseless for the moment. Some officers were killed when the crew of the Alvin Katz boarded the Prison and killed some who had just done their job. These men served their Vaterland! These men were killed in a ruthless act of terrorism!

*she calms herself down again* Ladies and gentlemen, the Rheinwehr's help with the trainings program was appreciated, the Polizeikadetten learn better now. They are stronger and use better tactics as before, in future we will prevent events like the Vierlande incident, I repeat, we won't let something like that happen again. The Polizei will take action and increase security levels. I can assure you, our goal is to work forward to a safer place for our citizens. We will co-operate with the other institutions once again in order to archieve that goal.

*she sorts the papers in front of her and took a sip of water.*

Well, although the Polizei has suffered from the terrorist attacks in the past, we are forwarding to a Goldenes Zeitalter of the Rheinland Polizei. I have never seen so many new Kadetten enlisting in the Polizei as in the past week. The Polizei also gains new members due to the Büro's withdrawl from the front.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Polizei has opened a new division besides the Bundespolizei and the Sondereinsatzkommando. May I introduce you to the Bundesgrenzschutz. The Bundesgrenzschutz is a new Einsatzgruppe with the additional tasks to support the Rheinwehr at Rheinland's very borders. The BG is under command of Direktor Eal Zoch, a former General of the Rheinwehr and a man with great experience when it comes to conflicts with terrorists.

Ladies and gentlemen, I invite all of you to witness or even experience the rebirth of the Rheinland Federal Polizei.


Now i'm ready to answer all your questions..."

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