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Full Version: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties)
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Emilie retreated a bit as the "Hellhound" foreshadowed her plan for later. She knew Robert will be on the lookout for her, and cursed the man for destroying her plan.

Robert in the meanwhile turned to Moka "You know I've had it handled, right?" He prepared himself to deal with Hemlocke in the near future "Anyway try this." He handed out a vial of dark purple liquid. "And a few business routes that'll make us so rich, there aren't enough brothels in the sector to spend it all. And if that's isn't enough, it's pissing in the 'casts faces." He looked at Emilie's direction, making sure she didn't tried Hemlocke's dumb plan right now.

Chika continued to watch the situation surrounding the Matriarch. But as more people arrived, the tension seemed to diffuse. Yokatta. She turned back to Moka, only to realize that in her distraction he found entertainment somewhere else. She decided to scan the room again, the Dragon duo being lead to Hachiro being the main thing that caught her sight.

Hachiro's attention was brought to the Chrysanthemum's introduction. He started to rattle off his usual opening line "Inoue Hachiro, eigth son to Inoue Shin, captain of the Mugenmirai, heir to the-" Suddenly Chika appeared on the other end of the table. "to my family" she interrupted. "Watanabe Chika, it's a pleasure to meet you." Despite her perceived rudeness in interrupting, she still seemed genuine to the newcomers.

Eliza used the conversation between Wolfgang and Arturo as an opportunity to slip away and meet some of the other guests to the Chrysanthemums. Her azure eyes quickly locked on the woman in a red dress that was antagonizing the would-be Chrysanthemum inquisitor. As much as the squabble seemed entertaining it was preferable to avoid any violent confrontations and the two sisters with blasters behind the inquisitor woman seemed like they were quite near to starting just that. Eliza quickly made her way to Rina Contari and before even giving a chance for the woman to notice her, she cheerfully exclaimed.

"Senora, that is a -wonderful- red dress and you -absolutely- have to tell me the tailor that made it for you!"

The Maltese legionnaire paused with a wide smile to give some time for the Contari senora to realize she is the one being addressed before continuing.

"But where are my manners? I don't think we have met before, I'm senorita Valdez. But you should call me Eliza, I don't like all the formalities!"
He nodded as Weisen took the Cardamine cigarette, "I am sure you will enjoy it." That being said, Muerte closed the Carda-cig box and put it back into the pocket. Ready to commence the mighty conversation he will have with a seemingly reasonable man.

"Si, I cannot recall last time both of our groups have talked or even much less worked together, senor." Arturo glanced at Valdez as she left to seek conversations with others, "So, what do you wish to discuss?" Sforza leaned against the table which was near him and puffed on his cigarette once more.

The Legionnaire seemed genuinely interested in whatever the Lane Hacker wished to talk about, or at least more interested than whatever was happening between the Golden Chrysanthemum women. "What would a hacker want from the Legion?" Muerte thought to himself as he exhaled a thin line of smoke.
She was watching an ongoing argument between two Maltese, half the words she only vaguely understood. Glass stealing a seat for himself caused her to jump a bit, something she attempted to cover by adjusting herself to face him. As he said her name, she replied similarly. "Glass."

As her outfit was complimented, she gave a polite smile though it was clear she didn't actually care for the compliment. Her mind was racing to keep up with the whole festival, a small comment like that had to be overlooked. "Kusari designed, yes. A tailor company called Haiyaki Textiles."

She had grown bored of watching those at the bar proper, but at Glass's gaze, she followed it. "Quite, indeed. Truthfully I had hoped to get away from the... Grime-leaking parts of Liberty and experience something closer to home, but that seems a wasted wish." Her eyes lingered on the bar for a moment before switching to her table companion. "Truthfully, I'm surprised you're not out there making contacts and making plays."
With the patience of a saint, Ryu listened to the lengthy introduction of the first stranger and then the more informal but pleasant greeting of the second. Smiling at their apparent eagerness to meet both he and his peer and offering a handshake in response to the woman's greeting and then a shallow but respectful bow to the man. "Ryu Okamura, I would rather not delve into my position within my family lineage, but I'm pleased to meet the both of you. Happier still to meet brethren who won't rebuke me for criticising the parody that is the Shogunate." Respectfully, he'd gesture to Saitou."This is Captain Sayuri Saitou. Our finest and most prominent officer, in addition to being one of my most trusted friends. Such a thing appears to be a rarity in the current climate."
Yunoki Misaki

Misaki just followed Moka around, acting like she was one of the rogues even though her hight, Kusarian features and kimono made her stand out like a sun during the night. She was intriqued by him and followed closely behind him to see what was going with the Rogues.

"Moka-san, do you have some liberty ale?" She asked while she poked his shoulder and quickly circled around him. She stealthily removed his handgun and held it infront of him. "I will give you your gun back if you get me a drink. Did I mention I am trained thief?" She grinned widely at him.

The Lord rolls his eyes at Hemlocke, that prick is always trying to wind him up....

[Image: RoguesLogo.png]

Moka turned to Bob and nodded at the notion Dixon had himself sorted if Hem tried anything. It wasn't their well being that concerned him, it was the state of the hosts facility after the fight that worried him.

As the Rogue boss took the vial, he studied it carefully. The liquid itself was a mesmerizing color and although Moka knew no fear, he wasn't interested in trying a new drug before he needs to make rational decisions with his allies in the Hackers. "You say it's that good huh? Let's see just how good it is." He took a few steps out from the bar, looking into the crowd where he saw the same Rogue that was running messenger before, looking a lot more relaxed and appearing to have gotten himself a new drink. Moka put a finger up to Bob to let him know he'll be right back. He marched over to the Rogue, giving him a fright as Moka grabbed him by the shoulder. "Come with me, bro. I got something for ya"

As Moka drags the kid over to the bar, he puts his hand out to Bob who then passes the vial across to him. "Here, take this. It's something I want to try but I need a brave soul to try it. You must be brave!" Moka pushed the vial in the Rogue's direction, a wry smile on his face. The kid took it, all, like champ. Not sure if out of fear or eagerness but the act impressed Moka mildly.

Moka turns to Robert; "How long does this last?"

As Bob was about to tell him, the Lord notices Misaki in close proximity lingering holding what appears to be his gun. He offers her a small smile, and beckons her to come closer while she asks him for something he can hardly here. "What was that, my dear?"
Yunoki Misaki

She leaned over close enough to smell his breath, still holding his gun.

"I said that I want to know if any of you got some Liberty ale for me. Then I pickpocketed you and stole your gun. You can have it back if you get me something nice to drink."

She smiled slyly

[Image: X2JS1U6.png]

Savannah kept watching Kiri for some time. Finally she nodded. "It seems we wouldn't be able to do this without bloodshed." A sad smile appeared on Savannah's face. "Bloodshed is something I know too good. I'm glad nobody here remembers that, I thought I would never wash the blood off my hands." She signalled the Sisters to lower their weapons. "I have a warrant from the Council to question you, but I will not draw blood here. I choose loss of face rather than have more blood on my hands, blood that could be avoided."

Savannah looked at Kiri with regret. "Now you are a child, influenced by many for you don't know what is right. Entangled in a web of lies spun by yourself and others. You pretend you see light ahead, but you are just running from the darkness. One can't outrun oneself, there is no escape. You take the way of ignorance. They say ignorance is bliss. It isn't, for those who depend on your choices. Your mistakes will cause suffering and cost lives. You will wrong those who trusted in you. It is inevitable."

"If I were a leader, I would have to remove you right away to protect people you are and will be affecting. But I can't be more than an advisor. I took lives, and killers can't lead. One day you might understand that."

"You will not see me anymore, not until the child grows up. To see all the consequences. Then I will return. And you will be judged."

With these words Savannah turned around and together with her escort left the hall and then the station.
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