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Full Version: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties)
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Eliza let out a small hearty chuckle at the Contari woman's remark.

"Then perhaps you are the luckiest to just be here for your own enjoyment, senora."

The ginger haired girl looked back for a moment at her companion for the festival - Arturo. Seeing that he was still busy with the Lane Hacker, Eliza's attention turned back to Rina.

"Most people here are armed first and foremost with some diplomatic agenda related to the rest of the parties attending. The festival is a secondary distraction."

Valdez's eyes drifted to the rogues enjoying themselves as she made a subtle head gesture motioning towards them.

"Well maybe except them. I hope they'll keep things civil and polite though."
Matriarch Kiri

Kiri noticed that they suddenly were on the same page and started talking more enthusiasticly.

"We can certainly arrange for cardamine transports to be sent to Leiden. What is the current rate that the lane hackers pay per unit of cardamine? The Orange Blessing defines the Sisterhood. It is why it has an almost sacred status to us and we like to think that we also ritualised its use more than a predecessors have. There is not a single Sister in our ranks that did not pass our 'ascension rite'. We got enough connections to Malta to guarantee that our shipments contain only high quality cardamine.

The Gen'an Sisterhood has entered a time of expansion both economically and military. You mentioned technological advancement. What does this entail?

[Image: RoguesLogo.png]

Robert waited patiently 'til the woman left. With all the outcasts around, dealing with their greatest business rival's drug was risky, but profitable, After the woman left, he turned back to Moka
"Kicks in about 15 minutes, our boy'll be trippin' like he ate a kilo of Carda in one go for the next 6 to 8 hours. Then he'll sleep like a baby for the next 12. Oh, and I've got about 400 pallets of the stuff."

Hemlocke suddently appeared with some Bourbon, pushed a mug of it into both of their hands, then left as suddently as he came. "One of these days I'll put a few new holes into the rabid puppy" He muttered, then looked to the mug in his hands. "Emilie! You ever tasted bourbon?" She shooked her head. "Then try this" She took a big sip, and to her honor, she barely coughed. "Heh. Maybe you'll make it a Rogue after all."

Emilie's eyes went wide open "Wait, that is an option?" Robert touched her chin up to face her "You'll have your chances to prove yourself" He took back the mug, and drank the remainder of the mug in one go.
"You're one of the top heads in the Legion, aren't you?"

He said and inhaled some cardi-smoke. He paused for a moment as the drug induced his senses as well bring a sense of euphoria.

"That's a good one. What's the label? I should get a few boxes next time I visit Malta." he asked, referring to the cigarettes. Of course Wolfgang had business to discuss but getting to know his counterpart was always half the job which also served in getting a measurement of what kind of person Muerte really was.
Yunoki Misaki

Misaki followed the Rogue and later came back with a bottle of Liberty ale. She sat down near Torres again and put down the ale bottle on the table with a loud thud.


She leaned over and looked into his eyes.

"I got ale."

Morioka Station, Shikoku System
23th June 826

Torres takes the cup of Sake and thanks Saito before taking a sip of the Sake. He smiles slightly at the Dragon's rather unexpected kindness. Remembering the usual dislike from Blood Dragon's towards his kind. Before he could get a chance to say anything he was interrupted by Misaki slamming the bottle of ale on the table.
He rolled his eyes at Misaki calling him Torres-chan before smiling slightly.

"So who did you steal that from?"

Yunoki Misaki

Misaki looked at the Liberty ale bottle for a moment before looking back at Torres while smiling brightly.

"Gift from Moka-sama."

She looks past Torres and saw all the Blood dragons gathered together, before spotting Rin and Yume. Afterwards she looked across the room and thought to herself something was missing. She then realised what it was.

"Hey, Torres, did that golden person get thrown out of the airlock while I wasn't watching?"

Morioka Station, Shikoku System
23th June 826

Torres raised an eyebrow uncertain to who "Moka-sama" was but not particularly caring.
"Nah seem's like they gave up and pissed off. Guess they were all bark and no bite.
Then again what would you expect from a Pendejo who has such an ego that they decide to wear armor made out of gold."

He took another sip of his sake

Ikeda Yume

"Sumimasen, mister Torres,"

Yume looked past the Blood Dragons to Torres.

"Saitou-san noticed that you seem to recognise the gold armored woman. Do you have any intel to share on her? I don't like to have volatile elements within the Golden Chrysanthemums that we are not aware of."

Irma flicks her wrists and an advanced looking interactive hologram comes up. She starts sifting through it and finds Leiden Base Importing and Exporting prices and grins.

"You seem to have the right Idea about Cardamine, its ability to elevate us above those who do not see its full potential makes us better in every way. Its crucial we liberate as many minds as we can so they can see what potential they are lacking, Cardamine is and always will be the future. Leiden will pay 3789 S.C per Unit. A fair price if I may say so myself. There is some wiggle room for negotiation if you deem this not suitable for your effort.

When it comes to Technological Advancements we are willing to consult on various projects you have so long as we are given full disclosure. Should you have intentions about integrating our technology with yours you'd need to speak to the Professorship. However I think its fair to say forging a closer bond with us and building the Gen'an Sisterhood internally would be stepping stones to what you seek."
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