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Full Version: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties)
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Matriarch Kiri

Kiri stared at the hologram and then looked up at Irma

"I do not have the arrogance to think that Lane Hackers will immediately start equiping our Sisterhood with their technology without first testing the waters. Neither would I for that matter. Something that leaves your hands is hard to retrieve afterwards. These are only the first steps we take towards eachother. Trust is the the rarest commodity of them all in these times of conflict.

The price you offer for cardamine is very reasonable and will allow us to cover expenses while making a decent profit. I will make sure a transport is sent towards Leiden filled with cardamine so you can confirm the quality. Speaking of transports. One of ours got destroyed recently and I haven't even gotten a chance to talk with its captain."

She looked around the room and caught sight of Chika and beckoned her over.


"Si, I guess avoiding any kind of responsibility has its positives. You can enjoy your time instead of worrying about making a deal. Unless you come across an old enemy, as you saw." Rina peered over to the Rogues and and gave a small noise of amusement. "You can never tell with them. It's like the Rogues' main focus is causing as much chaos as possible." Rina remained silent for a few seconds, watching the trouble some young Chrysanthemum was causing with the Rogue leader. "What about you signora? Are you one of the groups after something more than a relaxing night?"

Chika sat silently watching the interaction between Misaki and Torres. She rolled her eyes a bit, but wasn't in the mood to start scolding Misaki for her usual behaviour. Chika's eyes drifted, not really having any way to contribute to the conversation. That's when Kiri caught her attention. "Excuse me" She said to her neighbors, getting up and approaching the host. "Hai, Kiri-sama, is there anything I can help with?"
"Si, I'm here on behalf of the LegiĆ³n Maltesa along with legionario Sforza."

Mentioning Arturo, she instinctively turned around to check up on him. He was seemingly still busy discussing things with the Lane Hacker representative.

"Seems like he has already been dragged into the diplomatic side of things."

Valdez's attention turned back to the Contari woman as she continued visibly amused by a thought of hers.

"Perhaps if I'm lucky enough they would all go to him regarding diplomatic matters. What about your friend that invited you, senora? Is she also lucky enough to be here mainly for the party or has the sisterhood made her busy with ensuring the guests are having a good time?"
Matriarch Kiri

Kiri gestured towards Irma when Chika arrived.

"This is Irma Bunt, Assassin of the Lane Hackers. It happened that the Sisterhood's transport vessels came up as a topic and I haven't spoken to you yet about the demise of the Yako. Yamada informed me of your acceptence of my offer to you to join us. Normally we have two trials to be admitted to our ranks, but I considdered the first one passed when you played out your part with the creation of the golden statue of Matsuda that now adorns this very hall. The second is just a formality since you are already infused with cardamine, but because the rites are sacred to us, you will need to pass it when the festival ends, or right now if you prefer.

Back to the Yako. I have seen the damage caused to it, so I will make you an offer. We got a brand new Aspis battletransport, obtained from the Cadiz Cartel for the support that we gave them. I want you to take command of the vessel and I will give you the rank of squad leader since you already proved to be competent in the field. After you have outfitted your new ship, bring a shipment of our best cardamine to Leiden base. Miss Bunt is their contact."

Chika turned to the Hacker "It's nice to meet you, Bunt-san." As Kiri continued, Chika nodded in acknowledgement. As Kiri mentioned giving her an Aspis, Chika's eyes started darting in confusion. "eh?" She realized what was going on, her eyes widened. "Eh?! Are you serious?!" Chika lit up, forgetting everything that happened the day before. "Of course! Hontouni, arigato gozaimasu!" Chika started bowing, not knowing how to handle the situation.
Sforza inhaled and exhaled with one second between the two actions, thinking of a way to present himself in a non-arrogant way.
"Si. You could say I oversee most of the major decisions as well as I handle the reputation of the Legion and such."Arturo turned his sight towards Valdez to check up on her and make sure that nobody sketchy is harassing his companion in this very... exciting festival before quickly turning his attention back to Weisen.

"Gracias." Muerte gave Wolfgang a subtle smug smile, "My own label. The Sforza familia produces these cigarettes as well as cigars. I would not risk smoking some different brand, who knows what they put in their smokes." Arturo caressed his beard nonchalantly, "You are always welcome on Malta as you know, getting you a few boxes of these should not be an issue at all, senor."
Matriarch Kiri

Kiri smiled at the response of Chika.

"Well you contributed alot to the project and it is only fair that we offer a replacement for your vessel. Your skills would go to waste when you are stranded here on one of our stations. I also think you would like the firepower this ship has. Next time you will be able to shreds your enemies to pieces."

Morioka Station, Shikoku System
23th June 826

Torres pauses for a moment atter being asked the question and thinks for a minute to try and figure out a way to avoid having
to talk about old Outcast politics.

"I didn't recognize them exactly I just found their argument to be rather.....Interesting. As for recognizing them you'd better ask that Senorita there." He points toward's Rina "They seemed to recognize them. But as for "Goldie" being a Volatile element.....Well it seems these days you never know anymore. Sometimes it feels like everyone has gone mad"

He finishes his cup of sake and looks around the hall a little still feeling a little out of place among the Kusarian surroundings

Irma listened to Matriarch Kiri and was pleased with her response..

"I hate to assume but you have no idea how often we get requests for our technology just because a couple words was spoken. Its important to really understand each other and I can speak for the Professorship when I say, Thank you. Its reassuring to see your not like most we encounter. I am pleased you agree with Leiden's purchase price, If your transport captain would be so kind as to send their ship manifest when they make each delivery it would help me greatly."

Irma watches as Matriarch Kiri summon Chika a Transport captain that lost her ship. Irma makes eye contact and gives a slight nod in recognition of her joining the conversation. Irma Listens with much curiosity. She chuckles at Chika's uppity behavior for being rewarded with a new ship.

"Congratulations Chicka, The Aspis is indeed a notable Battle transport and in most circumstances people tend to look the other way then face its power. However I am curious how you lost your transport in the first place, what exactly happened?"
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