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Full Version: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties)
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She cringes slightly at the mention of Sendai in front of the Outcast. "We had considered that possibility, I understand the desire for a powerful ally, but the Coalition is seeking to spread it's influence to Kusari. They have no interest in our fight beyond that."
Yunoki Misaki

Misaki was busy anoying Torres on Rin's orders. She stepped behind him and jumped on his back while the Blood Dragons and Yume were talking. She held his head into a headlock when Sendai was mentioned and her arms covered his ears.

Morioka Station, Shikoku System
23th June 826

Torres was caught off-guard by Misaki jumping onto his back and it took him a little longer to react before he elbowed Misaki hard in the ribs before suddenly standing up and using his momentum to throw Misaki off his back and onto to the floor. Sitting back down he sighs a little and shakes his head before glaring disapprovingly at Misaki

Yunoki Misaki

Misaki stood back up and straightened her kimono. Her side was a little bruised, but she looked defiantly at Torres before turning to Rin and sitting next to her. She whispered to her.

"Task completed. I distracted Torres so Yume and the Dragons could talk in private without him listening, but didn't expect he would be throwing me around though."

Rin nodded silently and handed her a cup of sake.

Rina thought for a moment before speaking. "Legión Maltesa? Maybe I've spent too much time away from home. I think I've heard of you before, but nothing else comes to mind. Are you big players now?" [i]A sad state I'm in if I can't even tell who runs Malta these days[i] she thought. Her attention changed to the closeby Chika and Kiri. "I don't know her reasoning for being here, she just told me it would be a fun event. But it looks like she is having a good time at least."

Hachiro let out a laugh at Yume's remark about the Red Dragons "Red Dragons, I like that. I don't keep up with them but they seem like a strange group. But it seems like everybody is a shogun or daimyo these days." He took another drink. "I had the same issue with them however. Getting shot at. I send them a strongly worded letter, but instead of admitting any kind of wrong doing, they insulted my character. I can't belie-" He was cut off by Misaki's actions. Shaking his head, he didn't continue.
Chika nodded at Kiri's response, still beaming. Once the Hacker addressed her, Chika's demeanor dropped. "My ship...eto..." She stopped to think, as if still processing the previous day's events. "I was making a supply run, dropping cardamine off at our bases. I guess I was too bold, I flew by Kagoshima. Some Farmers cut me off in the Shiun Cloud. And then..." She trailed off, trying not to relive it. "Thankfully, Misaki-san was closeby" She signaled to the obnoxious Chrysanthemum hanging off of Torres. "She lead a bunch of ships to save me, but my ship didn't make it. You may have seen the mangled Pitbull outside of the station. It's barely been 24 hours since it happened." She shook her head as if shaking off the stress. "It's okay though, I would be happy to bring some supplies to Leiden for you guys!"

Irma was curious about this story and paid close attention to what Chika was saying.

"Well I am glad to see you made it out relatively unharmed and admitting to yourself that you got to bold is a good opportunity to accept the fact you made a mistake and your willing and able to learn from it. Ships can be replaced, take good care of your new one.

I would be pleased to see you deliver a few loads of Cardamine, As I mentioned to Matriarch Kiri, one full load a month or more at your own discretion would allow us to forge a closer bond between our organization. If you are going to be the one taking up this endeavor I would ask that you send me your ship manifest every time you make a drop to Leiden Just so I can ensure your time and cargo is accounted for."
Her nose briefly wrinkled at the offering of a drink, though a thought came to her. "A light cola, if they have it." A heartbeat's pulse went by and she continued. "I'm frankly surprised you don't have something lined up. You are one of the upstarts in the circle, rising quickly. It's not something I really much care for. I don't like the idea of competition. It's not what I'm here for."

Allowing herself a moment of lowering herself, she then raised her social barrier once more. She sat up, frowning at the various conversations and ruckus that was happening around the room. "You really should be out there, though."
Muerte sighed deeply before finishing his Cardamine cigarette. "We have always had our share in the various things that they did, ranging from duties around Omicrons and Taus to all of the house systems." He exhaled the remaining smoke and looked over to Eliza once more, "We do not plan on doing certain things that that they have." Arturo turned his attention back to the man in front of him. "You seem rather intrigued by what the Legion wishes to do now and in the future."
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