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Full Version: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties)
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Wolfgang smiled. "Of course we are." he said and gestured towards other Outcast representatives attending the festival.

"With the demise of the National Council, other people will seek to fill the gaps, new powers are going to arise. However what concerns us the most as Lane Hackers is who will be our closest ally among such a diverse set of Maltese organizations.

Cartels, Legions, Republicans, even Nomad-friendly Cults, the political scene of Malta is undoubtedly a minefield. We will of course try to get along with everybody, but everyone has their preferences, right? For example we like our closest to partners to be trustworthy and share our love for cardamine and its spread to the colonies. You know where I am going at, don't you?"

Wolfgang suddenly asked to check if Muerte knew where the conversation was leading to.
Miyazaki Rin

Rin stood up and walked to Valeria who seemed to be abit quiet and only in the company of Sister Airi.

"Hajimemashita, I am captain Miyazaki of the Fuyuzora. I was wondering if you and Airi were interested in joining our little company."

She gestured to Misaki, Yume, Chika, the gathering of Blood Dragons and Torres.

Morioka Station, Shikoku
"Hola, senorita Miyazaki. Soy Valeria Cortez of the Cadiz Cartel. It's an honour for me. Thanks for an invitation, senorita Miyazaki ." - Valeria smiled to the woman which spoken with them. - "Senorita Airi, you mind to accept the invitation of senorita Miyazaki?"

Morioka Station, main hall

“Hai, it's been some time since i saw senor Torres, let's go over.“
Airi said with a smile waiting for Valeria to stand up and walk over.
“The more, the merrier."

Arturo let out a very long and disappointed sigh as he figured what Weisen wanted from the Legion. He rolled his eyes, cleared his throat and looked away for a moment to not say anything harsh. "Senor. I would be inclined to stop you right there and not go through with what you wish to talk about."
Sforza yawned and crossed his arms, "I am fully aware of what you wanted to discuss about and Legion has one definitive answer to that - no."
Sforza paused for a second to recollect himself, "Would you like to perhaps have another conversation regarding some other topic that is on your mind?"
Miyazaki Rin

Rin bowed and let the way towards the group. She offered her own seat to Valeria and introduced her to the Blood Dragons.

"This is Senora Valeria, representative of the Cadiz Cartel, one of our primary business associates on Malta. They have contributed greatly to the recent successes of the Sisterhood."

She then turned to Valeria.

"These are the representatives of the honorable Blood Dragons. Saitou-san and Okamura-san. While some Blood Dragons have turned their back on the Sisterhood in favor of the Coalition, they still bring honor to their name."

"Dear Saitou-san and Okamura-san, it's an honor for me to meet with you," - Valeria has softy smiled at the Dragons.
"A pleasure to meet you." she replied, offering a handshake once again. It was an unusual greeting for Saitō, but she was doing her best to accommodate the foreign guests and make a good impression. "It is fortunate that we have the opportunity to meet here, rather than in less favorable circumstances."
Wolfgang finished his cardi-cig.

"As you wish." he said with ease and without minding Muerte's sudden lack of respect. "Non-signatory parties have a number of restrictions in regards to their operations in Liberty. But I suppose you don't mind these restrictions, since the Legion is such a rare sight in our House."

Seeing that his partner was already tired, he thought it was perhaps time for him to leave. The scent of so many beautiful women inside the hall was exciting for the Lane Hacker and a challenge he couldn't ignore for long.

"No, I had those two topics in mind which I wanted to discuss with the Legion. Perhaps there is something you wish to discuss with me in return?"
How big was the Legión now? Eliza took a moment to think about how she should answer such a question.

"We have been growing steadily over the past year and absorbing other Maltese military elements along with that."

The legionnaire turned her attention towards Chika and Kiri as well. Was Rina cautious with what information she shared or did she simple not know. Eliza had no way to tell and pushing the subject did not seem to be worth the hassle at the moment.

"Nice of her to invite you then and I hope I'm not boring you yet. Kusari culture is really foreign to me so I feel quite out of place here."
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