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Full Version: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties)
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"Sou desuka" Hachiro responded as she finished, not really believing her nor showing much interest. "That is certainly interesting, Misaki-san. I can't say that we have such a, lively story. Chi-tan and I have only lived with the Dragons on Kyoto."

Misaki was fiddling the pins in her hair before she spoke again. "Chichi and I went to Liberty once. I was her protector and flew a gunboat. We met some rogues there and Chichi told me to start a bar fire with a gun. She doesn't seem to trust me with heavy firepower." Then she yelled to Chika. "Hey Chika, remember how we met those nice rogues!?"

Chika rolled her eyes, but still tried to stay cordial. "hai, Misaki-san. I remember you getting drunk while flying a ship with heavy firepower while I was piloting a defenseless transport. You sure enjoy telling this story." Hachiro chimed in. "Liberty? Chi-tan, why would you ever go to Liberty? I thought your focus was in Kusari." Chika retorted with snarkiness "Well, you see, movements need credits, and to get credits people often exchange goods on a large scale. I don't think you would possibly know about that though, would you Yattsu?" Hachiro stayed silent, not trying to cause trouble.

"We sold a whole shipment of cardamine to that station! Do not worry Yattsu, I will protect her. My aim gets better with alcohol intake. It steadies my focus." She looked at the entrance and back to Yattsu. "I am more anoying when im sober too."

She pulled out a small flask off sake she was hiding in her obi and took a sip, then offered it to Yattsu. "Want some?"

Hachiro recoiled at the mention of cardamine. "Hai, of course, you girls like your cardamine." Chika peeked over when Misaki brought out her flask. "Normally, Misaki-san, I would take that from you. But maybe I'll make an exception for tonight, with Yattsu as our guest." Hachiro seemed a little disgusted when Misaki offered him her flask, but sighed a little, defeated. "Hai, Misaki-san, maybe I'll indulge a little tonight." He took the flask, making sure to wipe off the mouth, before taking a small drink. Chika just watched with a smile on her face.

A geisha walked to the table where Chika, Yattsu and Misaki sat. She was dressed in a black kimono with the gen'an emblem on the back. Her obi was bright yellow. Her face was painted white and her lips and eyes had bright red paint on them. "Misaki-san, at least offer our guests some of our quality stuff. Do not be rude by offering them your cheap sake."

She then turned to Chika and Hachiro. "Yoku irasshaimashita, forgive my sister, Is there anything that you like as a drink? tea or sake?"

Chika looked back at her two neighbors as the geisha offered them drinks. I'll definitely need one if I'm dealing with this asshole all night she thought. "Hai, mittsu osake onegai shimasu" Chika said to her. She leaned in to whisper. "preferably the strongest that is offered, onegai." Chika set back up, looking at the other two. "It is supposed to be a party, ne?"

Not long later, the geisha returned with 3 cups and a flask with warm sake. She gracefully poured the sake into the cups one by one.

"Oh, this was for you." She handed a note to Chika. It said: "Did you think of our offer yet, Watanabe-san? -Kiri."

Chika raised her glass, signaling Misaki and Hachiro to do the same. "Kanpai!" she said, raising the glass to her mouth, downing all of it in one go. As the other two put their glasses down, Chika leans over to whisper to the geisha again. "ii-yo" is all she says before leaning back.

The geisha gave Chika an almost unnoticable nod, before leaving them again.

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