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Full Version: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties)
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Matriarch Kiri

"Is it really an insult to judge ones words without the unnecesary load of titles? I would have judged your words the same if you were a footsoldier. Recognition is something so fleeting. You only get judged by your last actions. This is why people who die heroic deaths become immortal and those who die shamefully are lost to history.

She ran her eyes over her.

"And looking at your armor, you got more wealth than me. So next time you ask something like that, be sure that you are not the worse offender here. Go grab some sake and have a good time.

Ikeda Yume

She looked over her shoulder and heard the Matriarch talking. She wispered to Okamura.

"Some unknown woman called Savannah walked up to our leader and started making a scene, questioning her ability to lead us. Do not worry she seems harmless and the Matriarch faced harsher opposition."

She then returned to her normal tone. "I will lead you to your seats. Do you have a preference on where to sit?"

[Image: R3V0Dj5.png?1]

While Kazue was gone to get the tea for her father, getting overly distracted by the amount of conversations she listened to, Lord Hakkera almost began to dose off. Sora, the family servant nudged him and angrily told him to stay awake as more delegates arrived!
The mentioning of Lane Hackers caught Hakkera's curiousity. He had not talked with any of them ever since the Nomad War was over but he clearly remembered their role within the mess of this seemingly so long gone days.

"Sora-san, can you be so kind and get me that Lane Hackers attention?"

The servant nodded, quickly fixed her slightly messy white hair and jumped up! Straight away she walked towards the only stranger she could imagine being one of the Lane Hackers, Wolfgang Weisen.

"H-Hello! Sorry to interrupt! Would you.. want to take a seat? There is someone who wants to see you! I-"
She only now noticed that she interrupted him and what appeared to be Maltese guests. She shook her head and blushed... sighing.
"Forgive me. We will wait over there near the entrance..." She quickly turned around to return to her seat... Lord Hakkera just shaking his head slightly.

[Image: K3UnudF.png]

⧫ Morioka Base, Main Hall.

Aimi quietly replied to Weisen, slightly annoyed by him trying.
"Hmph, you never change, right?"
With this words and the obvious wish of Weisen to go ahead and talk to everyone else first, she left his side and walked closer to the discussion again.

Aimi had been observing the discussion between Kiri and Savannah. Savannah was widely respected among the entire Sisterhood, so Aimi saw no need to step in at this point. Shaking her head, she went to get herself something to drink. Weisen was busy introducing himself to everyone else, people were engaged in chit chatting and Mi wasn't even there yet!

⧫ Shikoku, orbit of Fuchu

"Splendid! Kasai, baka! I don't have time for daily chases, alright? Come on.. knock it off.. go play with Rheinlanders or something!"
Kasai and the Fuso have been annoying since weeks, but he really overdid it now! Not just his Takeda-class, no, also an annoying Hogosha scout! But the scout was foolish, quickly he was vaporized by a missile.. Atleast she sat in the Unmei, sturdy Tridente with a usual crew. One that knew Kasai's game all too well already. Time would tell when they finally get back to Morioka.. Mi was running out of patience.

Morioka Station, Shikoku system
23th June 826

"Si, we took few containers of the Cardamine with us to the journey and as a gift to the Sisterhood" - Valeria said and took her PDA. She typed something on the screen, has sent a message and then hide back the device. Valeria looked at the young girl: "Soon my men will bring pods with the Cardamine. Sake has a nice taste but I'd prefer good'n'old Orange Dream."

Before the head of the Lane Hacker delegation made his way towards Eliza and Arturo, the Maltese woman leaned towards her would-be bodyguard for the festival and whispered back a reply to a question he had asked all the way back in the hallways leading to the festival room.

"I think it's good to get acquainted with the diplomats of people we might work with or better yet to see what they think of each other in this not so formal gathering."

She pulled back and smiled at Wolfgang Weissen quietly as he went to greet her companion for the festival. It was a funny thought to pretend to be irrelevant and let Sforza handle all the diplomatic relations. His age and physical stature posed as much more inspiring and legitimate leader or diplomat than hers. For now she planned to stay out of the spotlight anyways - what was currently happening between the two branches of the Chrysanthemums was much more interesting spectacle to watch.
[Image: X2JS1U6.png]

Savannah smiled again. "In fact, this armor was a gift, but I'm not poor, as I wasn't poor back when I served under the Ghosts. However, doubting my word meant you called me honourless, which is a grave insult, especially in Kusari. But killing you in a duel would be unfair, general. Besides, I'm not offended by those who have so little to say anyway."

"You claim to be a leader, yet you have nothing to say to those who aren't already in your cell. You are unable to do anything constructive, all you do is avoiding and destroying. This is not a way for freedom, but you don't care, do you? You didn't even deny anything I said." Savannah shrugged.

"Military should stay away from politics. Mixing the two on a large scale inevitably results in military finding an internal enemy among its own people. This is not something Matsuda-sama died for. This is a slap in the face of any Chrysanthemum."

"I'll give you a benefit of choice. The Council will be lenient to your ignorance of the ways of Matsuda and your general lack of vision. Your Cell will be recognized as a separate independent cell of the Golden Chrysanthemum movement based on Morioka. You will not burden yourself with considerations about Kusarian society which is beyond the scope of your knowledge and understanding." Savannah kept looking at Kiri intently.
Matriarch kiri

"Sorry, I am not going to duel you. I don't see the benefit of this. You are not important enough to face me in single combat, neither will I let this day be disturbed your insolence. This I why I will request to simply sit down and get a cup of tea.

As far as I recall I engaged in an open discussion with you about this. You talk about honor, but you do not seem to know the proper etiquette. You aproached me like I owe you something, which I do not. I am the host of this event. If you know anything of Kusari culture, you know the greatest insult is to insult the host. But we both know you are not even Kusarian. I hoped to treat you as a Kusarian, but you simply don't know our ways.

You know what is a slap in the face of Chrysanthemum? An insolent child who does not know when to respect this sacred festival, dedicated to Matsuda herself.

You have no power over me or my Sisterhood, outsider."

Hachiro was staying silent through the quarrel. Even though he was on the host's side, her words about titles seems to struck a sore spot. He recoiled a bit, staying silent.

Morioka airspace saw yet another arrival. An Outcast Corvo appeared on radar. The landing crew knew that they were expecting various guests, so no alarm was raised. Despite this, the ship maintained distance, instead sending one Orchid bomber, still under Outcast colors, to the base. After the pilot navigated their way through the base, they endeared the hall. A tall Maltese woman. Long brown hair, middle aged, sporting a long conservative red dress with white and gold accents. After scanning the room, the woman spotted what must have been the host. She didn't look too happy, the woman wondered why. Then she spotted the gold armored outsider next to her. There is no way. the woman approached the two, her suspicions confirmed as she walked closer. The woman couldn't help but smirk. Approaching the host, she gave a bow. "Hajimemashite, i am Rina Como-Contari, member of the Contari family and head of the Como family compound. I hope my presence is not imposing, I was forwarded an invite from Watanabe Chika. I have heard much about your cell. It is a pleasure to meet you. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu." she gave a deep bow out of respect. As she raised,she shot a side glance to the woman standing next to her." forgive my forwardness Kiri-Sama, but I am surprised to see an ex-ghost here. I believed them all to be in hiding after the Civil War. I do not wish to imply anything of my long standing allies, but seeing traitors to Malta here was unexpected."
Matriarch kiri

She turned to the new Maltese arrival, suprised by her sudden apearance.

"Hajimemashite, Como-Contari-san." She bowed. "A friend of Watanabe-san is welcome here. She has done alot to support our movement. You are right, I am Matriarch Kiri, Dōzo Yoroshiku. Tell me about the Contari family. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting them yet."

She looked at Savannah.

"But more importantly, what is a Ghost? Do you know this woman?"

[Image: RoguesLogo.png]

Morioka Station

The arrival of the Incessant Nagging raised a few eyebrows. Firstly, the ship's energy signature was larger than most run-of-the-mill scyllas. Secondly, she came from the opposite direction than the other rogues. Thirdly, unlike the other rogue vessels, she seemed religiously maintained.

And lastly, the two passengers who came abord with a shuttle, didn't seemed like Rogues. Robert was in his late 30s, wore a perfect fit charcoal suit, and a black shirt with no tie, designed by latest fashion in Gallia. The only things showed his affiliation were a golden pin shaped to the Rogues insignia, and an aura of terrifying danger. The Emilie was in her teens, wore an expensive dress, but her face showed sadness and regret.

After the formal greeting, They headed directly for the bar, where Robert was sure he'd find some fellow rogues. He wasn't wrong.
They went towards the loudest bunch.
"Hey! Where's Moka?" He asked in a sandpaper rough voice. One of them laughed and got up." You won't meet Lord Moka, toff. Now, why don't you screw off before something wrong happening to you, and leave your girlfriend here so we can ha-" He couldn't finish the sentence, because Robert's index finger landed right in the soft spot above his collarbones, and with the movement he pushed the rogue to a wall.
"Don't. You. Dare. To. Touch. My. Property!" He said it in a quiet rage. Suddently he pulled off his blaster from under his shoulder, and pointed it to another man, approaching from behind. "M'boy, you sure look like shit, but if you twitch even a muscle, I'll put you out of your misery. Now you." He turned back to the pinned man, and pushed his middle finger into the soft spot too "You'll go now, find Moka, and tell him Dixon wants to speak with him, and that I'll be waiting for him in the Hall."
Robert turned around, and made his way to the main hall, with the girl tailing her. After he left, the pinned rogue went to find Moka.
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