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Full Version: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties)
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Rina gave a quick nod. "Admittedly I do not have constant communication with the main family line, but I do keep up with my closer members. To put it simply, the Contari family is a powerful entity on Malta. We have our hands in a bit of everything. There was a bit of a conflict between the military arm of the family and the" she shoots a glance at her neighbor. "Ghosts of Razgriz" she says with a change in intonation, as if mocking them. "I keep to the dark corners of the Sigmas though, but last I checked they were exiled for working with the Corsairs. But that information may be out of date." She finished her story, her face showing both contempt and amusement.

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Hemlocke watched Dixon enter the Main Hall, his glowing robotic eye might catch Dixon's eye, might not. He noticed the insignia of the rogues on the well dressed man, raising his eyebrow, interest peaked. Glancing to the woman with him only for a second before back to him, god forbid Dixon caught him looking at that woman. leaning forward from the wall till he was upright. Approaching Dixon, tapping him on the soldier, leaning back on his heel in case he needed to dodge a swing. "Little well dressed for a Rogue don't ya think?" Hemlocke gave him a cheeky grin. "Don't think i've had the pleasure of meeting you in person, though many have heard of you. Would you mind joining me for a drink so we could become better acquainted?" The whole time he kept his eyes off the woman, not interested it would seem. Or knowing what kind of man Dixon was.
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Savannah sighed, looking at Kiri. "I hoped it wouldn't come to this. However your reply means you chose the second option." Savannah didn't even need to hear reports in her inconspicuous earpiece to know her orders were executed.

"My regards," Savannah said to the Contari family member, taking a step away, then looked back at Kiri.

"About importance. The Council of Elders have been monitoring actions of this Cell for some time. There are a few questions which need to be answered about your motives and methods of the Cell. Since you deny any meaningful conversation, I'm forced to bring you in for questioning. Should suspicions of the Council turn true, you will face a trial with possible exile of the Gen'an Cell.

As two Golden Chrysanthemum Sisters with drawn blasters approached Kiri, Savannah told the woman, "I hope we can do this civilized without unnecessary complications. Follow me." She let her hand slip on the hilt of her katana.
Arturo was relatively surprised by the fact that out of the duo, he would be the one to be approached instead of Eliza."Si." Legionnaire nodded as he shook the man's hand firmly,"I am sorry but I don't think we have had the pleasure of meeting each other personally before, have we?" After the two men shook hands, Sforza put his hand into the right lower pocket of his jacket, pulling out an elongated rectangular box of cigarettes. Much like his Zippo lighter, it too was engraved with the Sforza crest. The Legionnaire opened said the delicate container containing his smokes and pulled one out. Sforza lit it and took a long inhale, steadily throwing back his head and exhaling smoke afterwards to not blow smoke directly into the hackers face.

"Fancy one?" Arturo extended his occupied arm and showed him the container with three remaining pieces. "Exceptional quality, mind you, senor."
Irma could not help but notice the Rogues entrance, From lord Moka, to Hemlocke himself she let out a slight grin and for a brief moment her guard was let down and it seemed she was enjoying herself.

However that all ended when she noticed an argument between Savannah and Kiri, Mr. Weisen noticed also it seemed but quickly turned his attention to Almi.

When Rin approached Irma noticed that The Gen'an cell was sorry for their minor insult and Irma agreed with Mr. Weisen that the matter should be put to rest.

Mr. Weisen said I needed to speak to the Gen'an Sisters and to be honest it put me off guard as I was thinking he would have wanted to speak to the Matriarch. No matter.

"A pleasure to meet you Rin, please lead the way."
Mean while, in reply to Hemlocke....

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After the breif introduction to their hosts, Moka saw Hemlocke arrive not long after. He felt a minor vibration under is feet momentarily but such things were a regular occurance on Rogue bases, so he paid no mind. Until he saw Hemlocke.

"Holy snapping duck sh!t, what the hell is going on with you Hem?" Moka exclaimed. Hemlocke muttered something about Police and explosions so Moka assumed nothing was wrong. Hemlocke was a volatile product of the Rogues, one of the best pilots but one of the worse tempers. But the man deserved Moka's respect, he knew full well that the brotherhood needed more men like him. Moka's gaze followed Hemlocke as he ventured in towards the main hall until he saw two Chrysanthemums arguing, making a spectacle. "Now this is a party!" he bellowed and made his way into the hall some more. He noted the Hackers, in all their professionalism, and it was hard to miss the Outcasts, you can tell a Maltesian just by the scent in the air.

But what did garner his attention were the Blood Dragons, they always were problematic for Moka however now was not the time to chase shotgun diplomacy, right now was the time for getting on the piss and strengthening relations with his northern friends.

Rina laughed at the former ghost, arms crossed. "Reassuring to see that your types never change, si? I feel like I've heard those same words, was it 6 years ago?" she turned to stare at her, turning serious. "Rest assured, I have no intention to disrupt activities of the Chrysanthemums. Your fights are not mine. However I don't think I will overlook the GhOsTs sticking their you know what's into everything"

[Image: X2JS1U6.png]

Savannah shrugged. It seemed people remembered Ghosts so much they couldn't forget it. For whatever reason, given most remembered their downfall rather than their golden times.

"You should be thankful I left them back then," Savannah noted, addressing Rina, "rather than following the madness and tipping the balance. But it's the past long gone. I have the cause worth fighting for."
The captain glanced around the room and took in her surroundings, noticing the altercation between the Rogues at the bar, a slight frown appearing on her face. "You are more familiar with these guests than we are, I will trust you will find us somewhere suitable, Ikeda-san," she replied with a smile, "please, lead the way."

She bowed once more, ready to follow the advisor.
Having stayed behind to secure the wing, Yoko Kayabuki let herself drift towards the reception area where she checked in, then with a crowd inwards to the main halls. She wore an off-yellow dress of Kusarian nature and allowed herself to simply exist in the space. While her colleagues might be getting to work, she allowed herself to exist as a opportunity out should things go poorly.

Personally, she enjoyed the culture displayed. It reminded her of home. The symbolic nature of the decorations, the general dress, the atmosphere. For a moment there was a longing to return back to it, however it was shook off with a breath and a smile to a passing rogue. It wasn't her home anymore nor would they be so easy to accept someone like her.

A touch to a link on her wrist to transmit a message that the ships were secured and she was now inside. All that was left was to observe and hopefully enjoy the gathering.
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