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Full Version: Revive of the Minecraft Discovery Server?
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I'm not sure what's the current workload of the community server, but wouldn't it be possible to revive the Minecraft Server? Overall all of us had a really good experience and some really awesome moments, would be cool to get something like this back.

Setting up a Server and installing a few plugins for safekeeping isn't that hard and would probably make a good amount of people happy here.
Send me money and I'll upgrade my Minecraft server to 50 players.
Can we get modded minecraft?
(07-30-2019, 02:45 PM)Nepotu Wrote: [ -> ]Can we get modded minecraft?

Inb4 orespawn discovery edition. I’d dig out my account for it tbh.
(07-30-2019, 02:45 PM)Nepotu Wrote: [ -> ]Can we get modded minecraft?

Ok, but nerf their version of snac. Or the drill. Or a shovel. Whatever.