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Full Version: Yamato
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[Image: YamatoFL_1.jpg]

Key Information

Designation: Yamato
Location: Honshu, F3 Chuyu Cloud
Docking Access: All IDs & IFFs neutral or better to Samura Industries & Kusari Lawfuls.


Our station was build in the year 825 and was constructed for trading at the outer edge of the Kusari territory.
We do Imports and Exports, mainly for different ores, but also for food and industrial materials.
Our target is, to give you a save and friendly place for your business and for a relaxing moment at our bars.

Import/Export prices (may change)

Helium-3: 4500 crd/unit
Aluminium Ore: 5000 crd/unit
Molybdenum Ore: 5000 crd/unit
Platinum-198 Ore: 5000 crd/unit
Raw Hydrocarbons: 5000 crd/unit

Import prices for maintenance (may change)

Oxygen: 100 crd/unit
Water: 100 crd/unit
Kyushu Rice: 1000 crd/unit
Reinforced Alloy: 1000 crd/unit