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Full Version: 101st kill-on-sight-directive
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*** Incoming transmission ***
*** From: Fleet Admiral Adrian Jaramago, MNS Rainiero ***
*** To: Outcast Broadcasting Channel ***
*** Subject: KOS-directive concerning the RF ***

Fellow combatants,

it is allways a bad day when a group turns against our beloved nation but in fact of their misbehaviour and their treacherous actions against members of the outcast nation I have to take heavy steps against the RF.
All ships carrying the [RF] tag are considered hostile and any outcast vessel has the permission to shoot them at will.

Flt. Adm. Adrian Jaramago

--- respect and honour ---

*** End of transmission ***
incoming transmission
To: Outcast Broadcasting Channel
Topic:KOS order

Oh sounds like fun! but may i ask what silliness that they did?.

Ive been out of touch on recent events lately hehe.