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Full Version: To The Liberty Navy
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Incoming Holographic Transmission: Chancellor Gorkon, Klingon Council
To: Liberty Forces

Greetings, All,

One of my Commanders, Commander Korg aboard the I.K.S. Gon'Shar has been honorably operating in your space for some time. I received a report that the people at West Point tractored in the pods of him and his crew after he engage a Nomad fighter outside of the base. Thank you for that. They are all pretty beaten up and quite angry but they'll be fine in due time.

Normally, they wouldn't be so angry but the day or so before, they assisted the LN against a Xeno attack outside of Manhattan. Again, they came up short. And again, thank you for helping them out. They will be back up and running after some recovery time and their new ship arrives.

Chancellor Gorkon