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Full Version: [Pending] List of dated pinned threads
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I've made a list of pinned threads which are now dated. These dated threads which are pinned can confuse visitors and make the forum appear old.

This list was made before the forum reshuffle so locations may be now incorrect.

Newcomer's Section

• Tutorials

Official Angels & Tutorial Helper Discord - Links to a discord which no longer works/exists.

• Discovery Launcher

Discover Launcher - Testers Needed - Author isn't involved in development anymore. Invised

• Welcome!

The Discovery GC Skype Help Channel - Skype isn't used. Discord now is. Thread only confuses newcomers now. Invised

• Help & Support

Newcoming Help Handbook - Angel's no longer exist.
Lore Reference Materials - 3 years old mod info. Is it still accurate?
DiscoveryGC Public Server (Discord app) - 3 year old thread about a SECOND discord channel?
Discovery S.K.Y.P.E. Communications Directory - Almost 5 years old thread about Skype names.
Volunteer Helpers Database - Almost 3 years old volunteer thread. May still have use. PM listed people to see if still valid and make an updated list.
What to do (and not do) when someone gets banned - Could do with being removed or moved to - Forums / Discovery RP 24/7 Hub / Rules

• LFG: Looking For Group

New Forum: LFG Section - Owned by an account no one has access to. Repeats information shown in subforum description box. Suggested edits to information here.

Discovery HQ

• News and Announcements

Allowed mods and editable files & Editing Freelancer Files - Could be combined. They both sing the same tune.

• Server Events

Only one pinned thread. Seems to be up to date. However "Server Events subforum could be combined with "Events & Competitions" so all mod events are in this location. Proposal here.

• Site & Board Feedback

Discovery Freelancer ModDB page: Submit your screenshots and suggestions here - 5 years old ModDB prize. Sindroms idea to rename mod each year is interesting. Quote: "I would suggest also renaming the mod, after the final release of the current patch, to Discovery Freelancer 2015 or something. Just that people can see it is in fact being updated and alive."

Discovery Role-Playing

• Stories and Biographies

Roleplay Please - 12 year old thread which repeats info that Dab's much more indepth pinned thread covers.
Tales of the Admins - While now dated it should probably stay pinned to give remembrance to the old days.

• Communication Channel

Nothing wrong here. Both threads are good and clear.

• Bounty Offices

Nothing wrong here again.

• Player Owned Bases

Providing more information for your base - 6 year old thread with a dead link.


• Official Player Factions

Nothing wrong here again.

• Unofficial Factions and Groups

Discovery Unofficial Faction Database - Register Your Faction here! - Useful but needs an image corrected and an update.
Factions that Currently don't have Official Factions - Useful but needs an update. Even if nothing is changed. Just write at top "Reviewed October 2019" to show it's cared for.

• Faction Rules

The sub-subforum "Faction Activity" here should be archived. It was not used for 2 years until April 2019. The latest post could have easily gone inside The subforum "Faction Rules" as a pinned post until the next Official Faction Activity Quarter publication.

Discovery RP 24/7 Hub

• Rules

Community Collected Admin Greentext - 4 years old and not used.
Discovery 4.88 Technology Compatibility Chart - 6 years old and info out of date.

• Player Requests

Nothing wrong here again.

• Marketplace

Time to clean house. - 6 year old thread. No longer useful. Tunicle's regulation posts already include thread lifespan info

• General Discussions

A List of Current Official Factions - 16/06/18 - Last updated a year ago. Old info, Thread idea too demanding to keep updated. Suggest archiving.
Q4 2018 Discovery Freelancer Hardware Survey - 1 year old survey. Put up a new survey if info is needed or archive it if info is not needed.
Event & Competitions subforum pinned threads x3 - All 3 of these threads inside of the sub-subforum are not longer used. Should go.

Discovery Freelancer Mod

• Discovery Mod general Discussions

Nothing wrong here again.

• Discovery Developers Forum

[Dev notice] Hitbox Bug/Fix Report Thread - 1.5 years old and no one now uses. Problem resolved it seems.

• Discovery Wiki

Wikipedia subforum - All 4 of the pinned threads in the Wiki subforum can go. Just have the wiki link on the top and threads below OR remove the entire subforum

The Community

• Community Games

Nothing wrong here again.

• General Discussion

NaNoDisMo - 5 year old competition. Archive it.

• Freelancer Forum

Freelancer Account ID Generator v2.1 - Almost 10 years old
The Freelancer Account Manager - Almost 13 years old

• Media Center

ModDB Submission Thread - 7 years old ModDB thread
Fraps library - Recommend renaming thread to "Discovery PvP/RP player videos". Fraps is an old term now.

• Flood

shetposting thread - I'm impressed an inside joke between a few members got pinned. Seems the jokes has run its course now and should be archived.

• Livestreamer's Lair

Nothing wrong here again.
• Faction Rules

Official Faction Leader list - OP account no one uses anymore. Information over a year old and highly likely out of date.

Is used and edited frequently.
(10-15-2019, 12:41 PM)SnakThree Wrote: [ -> ]• Faction Rules

Official Faction Leader list - OP account no one uses anymore. Information over a year old and highly likely out of date.

Is used and edited frequently.

Okay. Maybe that's true. I am going of the forum feature that states when a post was last updated.

The thread in question has not been updated (apparently) since its posting 1.5 years ago.

Hi as well brother. Nice to see you around. Thanks for posting
You will not see an update post message if done by GMS/Mods.
That's great. Thank you for the info St.Denis. I have updated OP and removed the thread in question.
The Scientific Data Rewards is still used as people are still requesting items from it.
Noted St.Denis. Thank you for contributing.

OP did state under Newcomer's Section / Tutorials "Notice: Scientific Data Rewards - Last used 10 months ago. Seems it's purpose is now gone?" but this has now been removed.
Thank you for providing this list. In all fairness this is something I've been wanting to sort through for a while now but I haven't had the time. I'm going to start going through these one by one to try and sort them out. If you want I can edit your first thread with actions that have been taken to keep people in the loop?


(10-15-2019, 12:41 PM)SnakThree Wrote: [ -> ]Faction Rules

Official Faction Leader list - OP account no one uses anymore. Information over a year old and highly likely out of date.

Is used and edited frequently.

This is updated regularly when leadership changes hand. The only time this isn't updated is if the changing leaders haven't posted in this thread (Only OFL can view this link).
Sure. Edit the OP as you see fit. Thank you for helping the community
I am going through your list whilst on coffee/lunch breaks (using a phone).

The Dev Team Structure says a few lines into it, that it was updated 3 months ago.

As for the names not in ‘gold’, I believe it is because they are not fully fledged Developers but people that are helping/learning.
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