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Full Version: A new home or just some fun meetings
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Hey all, hope you're doing fine !

First you may want to read the backstory of my character to have a clue about what i'm talking here.

Now you understand from where I start with this character i'm open to any ideas, propositions, suggestions of RPs or things we can do together between our characters may it be long term relationship (maybe you taking this poor soul out of its misery by giving his life a purpose or anything else) or just quick encounters of any type (you giving him some food, threatening him because he is a gallic scum, or anything you can think of).

Alternatively i could fly randomly in Dublin or Bretonnian space but i fear i won't be able to meet with anybody without a little planification beforehand or maybe not at anytime.

Thanks for your attention and i'll happily meet you in-game Wink !
Hope you have been enjoying Discovery thus far! After reading your backstory (nice work) it would be interesting to consider your character joining Bowex) which are traders or BMF| who are miners & traders.