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Full Version: CNS - Carcassonne Surrenders
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Colony News Service - 826 AS

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Carcassonne Surrenders

Following just over a year of conflict within the California system, the Battleship Carcassonne surrendered to Liberty today, marking a historic moment: the end of the Gallic Conflict within Liberty space.

Our sources in the Liberty Navy suggest that the crew began to mutiny. Led by the ship's second in command, the crew began by sabotaging the weapons systems and seizing control of propulsion before making a move to relinquish control of the vessel from their commanding officer. Given that the Battleship Carcassonne has been deep behind enemy lines for some time with no way to resupply, it’s unsurprising that the crew had reached their breaking point. The exact casualty report has yet to be made public, however estimates put it in the hundreds.

The Carcassonne was first sighted emerging from the Tahoe Ice Cloud, the executive officer issuing an unconditional surrender to any and all vessels in range. The Battleships Alma and Concord closed in to flank the Royal Navy vessel early this morning and after a short delay, the two ships escorted it into the cloud from whence it came. As of now, the whereabouts of the Carcassonne remain a mystery, and the Liberty Navy has refused to comment further on the matter.

Since the year 822, the Battleship Carcassonne along with the Battleship Bethany had continued to put pressure on the Liberty Navy, choking allied supply lines into Bretonia. In more recent times it has been stationed in the California system, launching attacks from the Tahoe Ice Cloud as far as Planet Los Angeles. As of today, the Carcassonne's guns have fallen silent, and at last commerce may be able to continue without the fear that ship's traversing the Tahoe cloud may become one of the Royal Enclave's next targets.

What’s next for the Battleship Carcassonne? According to our contacts within the Provisional Gallic government, this vessel, once the flagship of the Gallic Royal Navy, led an attack directly against the Council in the Languedoc system. Acquisition of this Battleship by the current government would be highly symbolic. Given the nature of how the Liberty Navy has handled the situation thus far, one has to ask, what does Liberty plan to do with Battleship Carcassonne and her crew?

Stay tuned for more as the situation develops. This is the Colony News Service

Liberty Correspondent, John Boyle

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