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Full Version: What am I doing wrong??
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I bought and played Freelancer when it originally came out in 2003. Now 16 year slater I've returned to it and enjoy it as much as ever. HOWEVER, I'm 16 ears older and I'm finding my reflexes aren't as fast. I find it quite difficult to even shoot down anyone.

What am I doing wrong?? IS there a 'trick' that's I'm missing out on. I seem to be flying all over the place. I would appreciate some hints/advice.

Firstly, welcome! How did you find Discovery?

A lot of players drift away from targets so that targets are required to fly towards them in a straight line. You then have a relatively long time to fire on them before they fly past you. Once they have flown past you, you can trust forward and turn again to face them as they again, fly towards you in a straight line.

Most players fly with mouse and use the WASD keys to drift instead of turning. This allows you to use the mouse to stay on target which is also easier.
How did you find Discovery?-----through google

Thanks for the tip.
Learning PvP is a painful process of dying over and over and over and only seeing results over the span of a long time, don't be disappointed if you lose to anyone. There's a few people willing to help others and train them, maybe you could ask around a bit if you want to have someone teach you
Start out simple! Fighter vs fighter pvp is the harderst. Start out with a bomber, go for larger ships. If you fly transports or gunboats, learning to turret steer is the key. For that, I changed my controls layout years ago.

I - pitch down
H-roll left J-turn left K-turn right L-roll right
M- pitch up

Looks like this (yeah its part inverted)

[Image: POnUgC6.jpg]

You can also set your thruster to stay on instead of needing to hold it by adding Shift to the control, so if you hit Shift + tab, it stays on while you fight. Thats when I move over to those keys, and you can use the mouse to zoom out, look around/fire while your left hand does the steering. Doing those controls though you'll have to move around some other things. That works well in any game like that though, I also use it for Pioneer.