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[Image: 5RwV5za.gif]
Fabian Montluc
Mes amies,

Today I need to address a few important matters.

First matter concerns all employees of MAE. As you might recently saw on the news, the Confederate Government is posing itself as a laughable stock and more incompetent as ever, referring to in the news to a non-existing rule. Whereas Article 5 point 1 of the new Confederal laws does decree the Enclave as a hostile entity, nothing in the laws prevents either contacting them as private persons nor limits the freedom of movement of Gallic citizens. This comes as a surprise to me and our legal department as no official decree or law prohibits venturing into "Enclave space", which, I must underline, is not legally defined under the new laws of the Gallic Confederacy. Telling about such an important decision over news is like trying to sell special drugs to increase the size of your manhood over network - it does not invoke trust. Seems like there are no proper lawyers in the Confederate government, neither are strategic relations officers who would care about the image of the new state. I wonder how the republicans would find infringement of their precious "human rights" with limitation of free travel. Regardless, for now do not tease those dimwits in the government who do everything for the population to loathe them and do not venture into Brittany system. If you do need to enter Enclave's space - do it discretely from other systems, not bordering on controlled by the Confederacy state.

Second matter is regarding the same Confederate laws - namely, the documents we need to prepare to obtain the licences and register ourselves with the new government. Despite no taxation matters addressed, the Finance Division is to prepare all the relevant income logs and capitalisation report to be ready to present if necessary.

Third matter is regarding the corporate security and its possible evolution into the Baronial Military. It is imperative to form two regiments, 500 people strong each to be ready to show to the populace of Quillan our readiness to take responsibility for the security of the planet. The candidates from the ex-Royal Army as well as current corporate security officers are preferred. With the lack of financing of the local troops and the situation with the corrupt gendarmerie, our new troops should be able not only to carry out the garrison duty but also to enforce the law, be it Confederal one (within the adequate limits) or the draft Baronial legislation we are preparing. I would request the Financial Division under the supervision of the Board of Directors to allocate sufficient funds to create two regiments equal in equipment to the garrisons of the Royal Marine during the wartime. Feel free to use our own manufactured paramilitary-grade ground and atmosphere vehicles to strengthen the troops.

Fourth matter is the matter of publicity. We called upon the show their political affiliation to learn if we are ready to institute the Barony. It is now imperative to support the Progress League of Quillan with PR materials. One of the ways to do so is to spread posters digitally or in hard copies to attract attention of the public to the matter. If our estimations are correct, due to the effects of Bandwagon and Spiral of Silence we should be able to amass the majority for our cause. Since the Barony to a large extent revolves around the figure of the local Monarch, the Baron, I arranged in photostudio to make some posters to promote myself and our political movement. I need this poster to be shared over local Languedocan social networks as well as printed and attached in public spots where it is allowed. I would also ask the PR & Marketing Division to arrange this poster to be shown over the holo-advertisements in the streets. In Uxeau-de-Quillan you have the Carte Blanche and can use any means necessary to spread the message among the visitors as almost everyone in our city supports our endeavour. The material is in the attachment below.

I expect results soon, do not disappoint me. For hard work you all will be rewarded well.

[Image: cM7ItTs.png]

Charles Moreau
The message begins with a middle-aged man at the background of dark-green woods. Charles Moreau was looking sharp - in a blue suit with light blue shirt and green tie which was fitting to his brown eyes well. He had a bushy but groomed beard and thick dark hair - a few of things he can proud of.

Dear colleagues, I would like to appear with a few announcements due to the last events happened not so long ago.

Charles tried to look calm but his eyes completely gave him away - the man felt a worry. He has fixed his tie and in a moment later, Moreau started to talk.

It is not a big secret that a few days ago after the publish of Confederate laws, Baron Montluc appealed to the people of planet Quillian and an entire Languedoc population with an appeal to stand on the liberation of the system from the Union Corse and Minarchy influence and commit a foundation of the new state - the Barony of Languedoc. You can get more information from the translation record would you be interested in details or if you have not watched it yet.

Soon after this, our enterprise has been contacted by Nathan de Montfort on behalf of the Parisian Assembly, the Confederacy government body and the authors of cruel laws of the House. The Confederacy government body was not happy to face our desire to establish a state of the Barony of Languedoc. The Parisian Assembly in a rude form forbidden any politic except the approved by the government. After our refusal to obey their demands, the Baron was insulted by the Assembly representative. This was like... All our hopes and dreams to live in a world we want and in the future we deserve were named 'ridiculous'. Not to mention their wish to fill a government pocket by the cash of employees and workers of the corporation and a threat to be nationalized.

We were prepared for a bad scenario like this. As Baron did order, before his speech was broadcast, we prepared the most important equipment to be transported in the cause of possible riots or menace of military invasion to the planet Quilian or direct threat to Kerguelen facility. When the Confederation is knowledged us they are going to send a division of marines on the planet, five armoured vessels departure out Languedoc.

Unfortunately, we had to abandon "Becquerel" hull and left it in Dauphine to hands of greedy Confederacy. Perhaps, it will be smelted to become another warship in their fleet to intimidate Gallic citizens.

Charles was not looking sad about this loss. The corporation can construct a new one in any time, all that they will need it is a place where to do it, some skilled people with equipment and resources. Fortunately, MAE evacuated all important equipment and most skilled and loyal personnel out of Languedoc.

The one thing of which he felt sadness was Kerguelen facility itself. They spent plenty of time to construct it, optimize production and local smelting plant and now it will be gone to the hands of these Confederate's scoundrels.

By the way, all employees have no need to worry about your timely salaries. The corporate funds are mostly offshore and are located on planet Bordeaux in the hands of loyal bankers, therefore they are in safe even if the Confederation will try to nationalize our property what we are not going to allow. Besides, during this period the security division salary has been increased by 10% to occupy the increased stress and working time. We do hope this satisfies the members of corporate security as well.

And the last: dear workers and employees of MAE, I ask you to spread the word between the people you trust. Tell them: we do welcome every citizen of Quilian or close space who is loyal to Baron Montluc and would like to reach a new tomorrow where we can live without fear - you all are free to come with us. But remember, there is no way back. If you decide to leave the Confederacy, you will not be allowed to come back by the Confederacy itself. The Assembly will declare you a traitor, who betrayed the card house they want to build on our blood, tears and sweat.

Charles stopped the talk and nodded before the message ended and the video feed was replaced with the MAE logo.
[Image: BGcNVi3.png]

Theodor Lefevre
[Fabian Montluc eyes only]

Mon baron,

I was heading with a load of molybdenum ore from a zoner station in the Tau-23 to civilian installation in the Kansas system at the Liberty borders when a signature of an outcasts' ship spotted on radar. It would be usual chase if not the words he or she said.

The pilot refused to identify itself but was speaking on behalf of Rodrigo Diaz and the Imperial Coalition, whatever it is. Their organization is interested in events on Quilian and would like to offer a hand to us. Unfortunately, they did not clarify what kind of help they can provide but however I am sending you these logs would you be interested to investigate what they are planning.

Theodor Lafevre, "La Grosse Dame" transport - signing out.

[Image: for3iCd.png]
Emile Lavoisier

At the moment I am stationed on planet Stuttgart in Rheinland. It seems the latter started to resemble Gallia not so long ago with two political forces, the royalist-imperialists and the republicans-federalists fighting for control over the House. Basically, the House of Rheinland is in the state of civil war. I will need to collect more information on the developments here and what assets are controlled by each side. However, I would like to call upon the corporate leadership to issue a general warning regarding the operations in Rheinland. While it is unlikely you become the target of any of the sides, the level of protection against all sorts of pirates is significantly lower, and there is always a chance to be caught in crossfire. Be warned, mes collègues, and stay vigilant if attending Rheinland.

On the brighter side, I managed to encounter several Unioners' ships. Apparently, the faction was de-criminalised by the imperialist side and now is a quasilegal entity. My database suggests the Unioners are Rheinland ship builders or at least used to be. From the encounter I learnt that the faction might come in possession of a big shipyard in Rhainland, allowing them to be back in construction business. This might open opportunities for cooperation and concluding a distribution deal. This move might raise eyebrows of the federalists, so we need to tread carefully. Merely selling ships and doing business, however, should not trigger a fallout in relations with the federalists. Although, if you ask me - i would side with the Imperialists - they would certainly udnerstand our predicament with the counsillards back home and can become trusted allies.

Herein I present the logs of the encounters with the UN pilots. I wish to highlight this encoutner for the corporate leadership to take notes and/or actions regarding possible relations with the Rheinland factions. On the side note, His Royal Majesty Prince de France was mentioned regarding the relations with Rhainland. I am not sure if the Baron has ties to the Prince, but if he does - it might be a good opportunity to strike a deal with Imperial Rheinland.

Take care, mes amies! I will shortly report from Rheinland again, hopefully!

[Image: ic6MO8i.png]

RECIPIENT: Montluc Advanced Engineering
CARBON COPY: Enclave Defense Authority; Marshalcy of Gallia
SENDER: Dr. Charles Mason, Montluc Advanced Engineering
SUBJECT: "M.R.2" - find & destroy

Mesdames et messieurs. I am Doctor Charles Mason of the Montluc Advanced Engineering.

The "L'Astrolabe" research vessel has faced a violation of the Brittany borders and attack of the intruder toward the MAE during performing a scientific work within the anomaly zone of D'Iroise asteroid field. At the first appearance, the security division in cooperation with the Enclave patrol took the vessel down, however, it has returned recently.

The ship of "Corvo"-class has appeared within the abovementioned zone and after brief hesitation opened fire on the "L'Astrolabe" vessel. The vessel broadcasted the IFF of Kusari Naval Forces, however, I doubt it was Kusari vessel at all. Besides, the captain of "M.R.2" decided to offence MAE personnel and blame us for being thieves. Moreover, the Corvo attacked a patrol cruiser "Tremblay" who has come to assist us.

Any actions directed to harm MAE personnel physically or mentally are not tolerated and will be answered with actions. Therefore, the corporation opened a bounty at the "M.R.2" vessel. The claim is possible to the personnel of MAE, the Enclave Defence Authority and the Marshalcy of Gallia.

Teach the foreign intruder a lesson and show no mercy toward the one who dared to harm Gauls.

[Image: MzojztS.png]
Target ID: M.R.2
IFF: (Kusari) Naval Forces
Reward: $10,000,000 franks (multiple claim is possible)
Zone of claim: Gallic Hebrides (Aquitaine, Roussilon, Brittany)


[Image: uXxsp2O.png]

Log of Tromelin Observatory on the search of prospected colonizable worlds

Log entry #1: first suitable system observed

[Image: V4C4ebS.png]
TS-H01 system map

After almost two months of working on newly established Tromelin observatory and having scanned over 300 systems in the vicinity to Brittany, first supposedly fitting our search criteria system was found in the distance of 7.4 light-years away from Brittany. The system working name is TS-H01

The local star (TS-H01α) is an AII-class blue bright giant with an estimated 9,000K surface temperature. The age of the star is approximately 4 billion years, and it is supposedly stable.

[Image: tLB7icr.png]

The planets of the system are represented with three major stellar objects.

Two planets are terrestrial. The first one, TS-H01-a is located distant from the star and beyond the habitability zone. The atmosphere is, probably, non-existent or very thin. The planet is likely devoid of the magnetosphere as well, however, it is difficult to trace the minor fluctuations in cosmic rays intensity in the vicinity of the planet to make the final judgement. According to spectral analysis, the planetary crust has significant deposits of Uranium, Iron, Zinc.

The second terrestrial planet, TS-H01-b is located in a local asteroid field that significantly hampered our observation due to additional shifts in spectral analysis. Due to its location within the asteroid field and significant presence of ice dust in space around the planet, TS-H01-b is likely not getting enough sunlight to be interesting for colonisation. However, it still can contain valuable natural resources. Further study of TS-H01-b would require surveying.

The third planet in the system, TS-H01-c, is a class-III gas giant. It is located closer to the star than the other two planets. Its proximity is likely the reason for it to contain large amounts of Helium in the atmosphere due to Hydrogen evaporating under the heat of the star. TS-H01-c might be useful for Helium-extracting operations in the future.

What is more significant that drew our attention to the system is one of the moons, and the only large one, of the gas giant in question. TS-H01-c1 appears to be a terrestrial world with a significant presence of water. Its atmosphere consists predominantly of Oxygen and Nitrogen in proportions likely suitable for human habitation. The gravitation is estimated to be 0.86 of New Paris, indicating a hot metallic core. The moon has extra protection from cosmic radiation due to proximity to TS-H01-c and being covered with its magnetosphere. The moon is not tidally locked and rotates around the parent gas giant with a period of 41 days. This indicates a small problem for the colonisation - long nights lasting up to 17 days. However, we are hypothethising that the thick atmosphere of the moon and the heat emanating from the gas giant can support the temperature high enough for humans to exist even during the long night as the spectral analysis of the orbiting cycle did not indicate ubiquitous freezing of the water on the surface during the nocturnal period.

[Image: m9t2q14.png]

Having considered the information above, we deem the system suitable for colonisation and are suggesting to the corporate leadership and Monsieur Baron to evaluate the planet in terms of its value. If agreed upon, it is important to start constructing the experimental “slingshot” wormhole generator installation for further surveying and exploration of the system.

[Image: hYrGmFr.png]

Dr. Leopold d’Aramitz,
Uxeau Royal University,
Department of Astronomy and Space Exploration.


[Image: 5RwV5za.gif]
Fabian Montluc

Recently we have reached the agreement with the Enclave HQ regarding the colonisation rights for the Gallic Antilles. In recognition of our claims of the system and the rights to become the sovereign vassal under the Crown of His Majesty le Roi, His Name thrice blessed, we are to play the crucial role in assisting the construction of the docking ring or alternatively moщring terminal in the orbit of planet Bordeaux. In this regard, I would request our Engineering Division to prepare the outlay plan of the construction. Namely, we need the schematics, preliminary amount of resources to construct auxiliary platforms for further construction works, and the logistics plans. I expect it to be done shortly as you all know the gravity of this project not only for the infrastructure of the Enclave and our own, but also for our future expansion plans.

In addition, I expect soonest report of our R&D and engineering team regarding the "Slingshot" project. The report is to come soon as we need to commence the exploration of the Gallic Antilles as soon as the opportunity arises. I do not expect failures in this directions.

You know your work, please, Mesdames et Messieurs, do it well.

Fabian Montluc

[Image: 8PsHgtz.png]
[Image: V1fzNY0.png]


SENDER: Dr. Jacqueline Brisson; MAE R&D Division
LOCATION: MAE|Jacqueline.Brisson;
SUBJECT: Research log

Dear mesdames et messieurs, I am Doctor Jacqueline Brisson of MAE R&D Division. This channel is going to be used for scientific research logs. My ship of the Corvo-class explorer is equipped with an advanced deep scanner with minor upgrades from MAE Engineering Division, 15 members of the crew and relay, adapted to obtain data from anomalies, similar to the ones we detected in the system of Brittany. Protected with one pulse cannon and 4 standard gunboat-class cannons, we can defend ourselves from most of the minor threats or leave if we meet something more dangerous than standard small crafts.


[Image: 8PsHgtz.png]
[Image: V1fzNY0.png]


SENDER: Dr. Jacqueline Brisson; MAE R&D Division
LOCATION: Freeport-11, Omicron Delta.
SUBJECT: First Order contact.

Bonjour, Monsieur. Dr. V. Raza. La Dr.Brisson est en contact avec vous.

Today is May 24, 743 A.G.S. at 2:40 p.m. (approximately), I flew into Omicron space through the Kusari systems. When I flew to Omicron Delta met two pilots from the Order. They immediately peacefully asked me to stop to talk, which I did. They conducted a kind of interrogation for me, to which I replied that I was a science activist and flew here to investigate cosmic anomalies. Our conversation was not long and on the radar, I saw some unknown ship moving towards us, after "Agent Starfire" ordered his partner to take me under convoy and he escorted me to Freeport-11 Non-Fire zone.

And also during my adventure, I managed to talk with the New "civilization Gammu AI” But there was no long dialogue with them. They then fought with the ships of "The Core" and they scanned me with a detailed scan that the entrance to the planet Gammu was forbidden.


[Image: j57tdDO.png]
[Image: V1fzNY0.png]


RECIPIENT: Dr. Jacqueline Brisson; MAE R&D Division
SENDER: CRO Dr. Vardan Raza; MAE R&D Division
LOCATION: Uxeau-de-Bordeaux HQ, Aquitaine system
SUBJECT: First contact with the Order & GAI

Mademoiselle Brisson,

Good work with the Order but next time just tell we are an independent corporation of Gallic origin who works from Freeport 6 in Tau-29. That's enough of what they have to know but should they interest what is our field tell them we are manufacturing civilian equipment and ships based on Gallic technologies. There is nothing more they should know from you so direct their representatives to MAE PR Division, I believe mademoiselle Bessette shall handle them easily.

Try to not get caught in conversation with the Order by the Core agents or regular patrols. We don't need problems with them but neither we are not interested in the Order's attention toward us. Thus - try to keep a balance and talk with any of those only within Zoners' NFZ areas or somewhere, where you should meet no Core or Order patrols respectively.

Speaking of the Gammu AI - careful with those. Seems like they are human origin but evolution separately from our race. Monsieur Lefevre told he met one of those in his journey to Delta for iridium ore.

I believe you remember that when you come back to Freeport 6 you should go for a medical check-up which including MRT, standard physical and psychological tests. Good luck and take care.

And of course, keep me informed. Raza out.

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