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Full Version: Montluc Advanced Engineering - Diplomacy
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[Image: CK3bbld.png]

Allied (+0.9)

Friendly (+0.6)
Gallic Royal Enclave (de facto)

Cordial (+0.45)
Independent Miners Guild
Natio Octavarium
Gallic Metal Service
EFL Oil & Machinery

Favourable (+0.3)
Ile-de-France Shipping
Grand Duchy of Burgundy

Neutral (0.0)
Genesis Research Group
Gallic Confederation
Gallic Royal Enclave (de jure)

Suspicios (-0.3)
Gallic Republic
Other and unmet parties

Wary (-0.6)
Gallic Brigands
The Maquis
Union Corse

Rival (-0.75)
Minarchy of Provance

Hostile (-0.9)

Change log
01-12-742 A.G.S. Gallic Royal Enclave designated as neutral.
06-12-742 A.G.S. Natio Octavarium designated as cordial.
12-12-742 A.G.S. EFL Oil & Machinery designated as cordial.
14-12-742 A.G.S. Gallic Royal Enclave is de jure designated as neutral while de facto being a friendly entity.
27-12-742 A.G.S. Independent Miners Guild designated as cordial.
05-01-743 A.G.S. Gallic Metal Service designated as cordial.
07-01-743 A.G.S. Genesis Research Group designated as neutral.