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History of Deep Space Engineering
History of Deep Space Constructions
Transport Fleet
Corporate Structure
Communication Channels
Technology Licenses
Docking Licenses
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ID: Deep Space Engineering
IFF: Deep Space Engineering

History of Deep Space Engineering

51 A.S. - Deep Space Engineering is formed from several Manhattan construction companies.

51 A.S. - Deep Space Engineering is awarded a contract to build the Baltimore Shipyards.

58 A.S. - Deep Space Engineering completes the Baltimore Shipyards and begins building larger ships using the Ageira engines for colonization.

65 A.S. - Deep Space Engineering establishes a Boron processing plant on Planet Houston, thus colonizing it.

126 A.S. - Deep Space Engineering is awarded the contract to build a research facility in the Texas system for Ageira Technologies company.

128 A.S. - Deep Space Engineering completes construction of the Dallas, an enormous research and manufacturing facility in the Texas system.

142 A.S. - Deep Space Engineering is awarded the contract to purify the water on Planet Los Angeles, so turning Planet L.A. into the food basket of Liberty. This is done by bombarding the planet with Ice Asteroids. Bombardment begins three years later.

180 A.S. - The full scale jump gate test is a success. DSE and Ageira go into a partnership to mass produce them can start within five years.

185 A.S. - Universal Shipping is awarded the shipping contract to move jump gate parts from Ageira to the construction sites where DSE assembles them.

189 A.S. - The first Jump Gates were constructed by DSE, in partnership with Ageira Technologies, linking the New York and Colorado systems.

202 A.S. - Jump gate linking New York and Texas are completed.

207 A.S. - Jump gate from New York to California is opened.

218 A.S. - Ageira and DSE form a partnership and fund a new company to stimulate jump gate construction in other Houses. This new company is named Interspace Commerce.

300 A.S. - Ageira Technologies unveils the trade lane engine. DSE starts building trade lanes throughout Liberty Space.

500 A.S. - The Texas Incident occurs.

History of Deep Space Constructions

After the Gallic War has ended and a lot of construction, maintenance and repairs to be done, Ageira Innovations has allocated money to buy out a minor DSE branch, rebrand it and reap part of benefits that comes with heavy duty part of projects.


Securing construction contracts around Sirius for Docking Rings, Jump Gates and Trade Lanes


Deep Space Engineering
Ageira Technologies
Universal Shipping
Liberty Navy
Liberty Police, Inc.
Liberty Security Force

Border World Exports
Bounty Hunters Guild
Bretonia Armed Forces
Bretonia Mining and Metals
Bretonia Police
Cryer Pharmaceuticals
Gas Miners Guild
Gateway Shipping
Independent Miners Guild
Interspace Commerce
Orbital Spa and Cruise
Planetform, Inc.
Synth Foods, Inc.
The Core

ALG Waste Disposal
Daumann Heavy Construction
Kishiro Technologies
Kusari Naval Forces
Kusari State Police
Republican Shipping
Rheinland Military
Rheinland Police
Samura Industries

Bretonian Privateers
Crayter Republic
Farmers Alliance
Golden Chrysanthemums
Kruger Minerals
Kusari Exiles
The Council
The Maquis
The Order
Unione Corse

Artificial Intelligence
EFL Oil & Machinery
Gallic Brigands
Gallic Metal Service
Gallic Royal Navy
Gallic Royal Police
Hellfire Legion
IDF Shipping
Red Hessians

Battlegroup Harmony
Blood Dragons
Liberty Rogues

Lane Hackers

Transport Fleet

Deep Space Constructions has more relaxed commodity range not requiring top-of-a-line armor and weaponry to protect sensitive cargo, thus preferring high-volume super transports such as Mastodon.

Corporate Structure

Deep Space Construction follows the same principle as Ageira Innovations - flat structure to allow better and easier organisation, where all employees report back to President. Such structure cuts down on intermediates and unnecessary paperwork and allows more fluid organisation of work assignments. Each and every employees is free to choose his preferred field of interest and concentrate on what he can do best to increase the efficiency and quality for the benefit of whole corporation.


President -

Communication Channels

Secure Channel - Deep Space Constructions - Junker Congress
Secure Channel - INSERT


Public Announcement - INSERT

Technology Licenses

Technology Obtained - INSERT

Active Docking Licenses

Docking License - INSERT

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