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Full Version: N|- Project "Olive Branch"
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With the end of the war there has been an uptick in activity with Foreign and Domestic Factions making moves in Bretonia.
This has led to an increase in conflict with Local Lawfuls and Foreign groups as we, like so many others, try to create a stable foundation for our future.
So far we have relied on a handful of fighters and bombers, Hitting and running but unable to hold ground much less make a real push.
As the de facto head of Logistics I am putting forth a special project with approval from Devin Blackwood.
This ship will be a tool of Diplomacy, a promise and a threat.
Si vis pacem, para bellum "If you want peace, prepare for war".

-Adam Weaver, Logistics Adviser.

"Caliburn" Gaian Destroyer

I. Building Module Stages and Progress

N|- OliveBranch: 100%
Stage I: Super Structure
Stage II: Reactor systems Complete
Stage III: Propulsion systems Complete
Stage IV: Crew Quarters Complete
Stage V: Cargo Bays Complete
Stage VI: Primary Systems Complete
Stage VII: Armor Plating Complete

II. Building Material Requirements at each Stage

Stage I: Super Structure <Complete>
-Basic Alloy: 6,700 / 6,700
-Industrial Hardware: 6,700 / 6,700
-Super Alloy: 6,700 / 6,700
-Titanium: 1,000 / 1,000

Stage II: The Main Reactor <Complete>
-Beryllium: 1,700 / 1,700
-Cryocubes: 700 / 700
-Industrial Hardware: 900 / 900
-Iridium: 900 / 900
-Super Alloy: 1,300 / 1,300

Stage III: The Engine Systems <Complete>
-Cobalt: 700 / 700
-Engine Components: 3,300 / 3,300
-High Temperature Alloy: 3,300 / 3,300
-Industrial Hardware: 700 / 700
-Super Alloy: 700 / 700

Stage IV: The Crew Quarters <Complete>
-Basic Alloy: 1,300 / 1,300
-Consumer Goods: 1,000 / 1,000
-Industrial Hardware: 1,300 / 1,300
-Luxury Consumer Goods: 700 / 700

Stage V: Cargo Bays <Complete>
-Basic Alloy: 700 / 700
-Industrial Hardware: 1,100 / 1,100
-Super Alloy: 1,300 / 1,300

Stage VI: Primary Systems <Complete>
-Industrial Hardware: 1,300 / 1,300
-Nano-Capacitors: 2,700 / 2,700
-Optical Chips: 6,700 / 6,700
-Optronics: 3,300 / 3,300
-Quantum Multiplexors: 1,000 / 1,000

Stage VII: Armor Plating <Complete>
-Ablative Armor Plating: 6,700 / 6,700
-Aluminum: 1,300 / 1,300
-Hydrocarbons: 1,300 / 1,300
-Industrial Hardware: 700 / 700

All Stages Complete

All Shipping Crews are reminded that their deliveries to Torshavn Space Port for use in the "Olive Branch" Project are to be properly documented below with accurate information as to what has been delivered. Please log all information below in the proper format with time stamps.


[color=#FFFFFF]Ship Name:[color=#64910a]TYPE HERE[/color]
Cargo:[color=#64910a]TYPE HERE[/color]
Proof of Delivery:[url=URL Here][=][/url]

Ship Name:False.Deathcap
Cargo1:3,000 Basic Alloy
Proof of Delivery1:[=]

Cargo2:3,000 Basic Alloy
Proof of Delivery2:[=]

Cargo3:2,700 Basic Alloy
Pulled in all the basic alloy for the rest of the project, 700 to be used in stage 1, 1,300 for stage 4 and 700 for stage 5.
Proof of Delivery3:[=]

Cargo4:3,000 Super Alloy
Proof of Delivery4:[=]

Cargo5:3,060 Super Alloy
Proof of Delivery5:[=]

Cargo6:3,060 Super Alloy
As with the Basic Alloy I will be collecting All that is needed for the project now
Proof of Delivery6:[=]

Cargo7:880 Super Alloy
This completes Super Alloy
Proof of Delivery7:[=]

Cargo8:1,000 Titanium
Proof of Delivery8:[=]

Cargo9:3,000 Industrial Hardware
Proof of Delivery9:[=]

Cargo10:3,000 Industrial Hardware
Proof of Delivery10:[=]

Cargo11:3,000 Industrial Hardware
Proof of Delivery11:[=]

Cargo12:1,700 Beryllium
Proof of Delivery12:[=]

Cargo13:1,000 Consumer Goods, 700 Luxury Consumer Goods, 1,000 Quantum Multiplexers
Proof of Delivery13:[=]

Cargo14:1,300 Hydrocarbons, 700 Cryocubes
Proof of Delivery14:[=]

Cargo15: 900 Iridium, 700 Cobalt
Proof of Delivery15:[=]

Cargo16: 3,000 Ablative Armor Plating
Proof of Delivery16:[=]

Cargo17: 3,000 Ablative Armor Plating
Proof of Delivery17:[=]

Cargo18: 700 Ablative Armor Plating
Proof of Delivery18:[=]

Cargo19: 1,000 Optronics 2,000 Optical Chips
Proof of Delivery19:[=]

Cargo20: 3,000 Optical Chips
Proof of Delivery20:[=]
Ship Name:N|-Cat.Dapperling
Cargo:Industrial Hardware
Proof of Delivery:[=]
Ship Name 19TH Maxim
pilot Name Blake Bell
Contractor Adam Weaver

Cargo1:1300 Aluminium 1700 High Temp Alloy
Proof of Delivery:[=]

Cargo2:1400 Engine Components 1600 High Temp Alloy
Proof of Delivery:[=]

Cargo3:[color=#64910a]1900 Engine Components 1100 Optronics
Proof of Delivery:[=]

Cargo4:2700 Nanocapacitors
Proof of Delivery:[=]

Cargo5: 1700 Optical Chips 1200 Optronics
Proof of Delivery:[=]

Not sure what you need all this for, but i honestly don't care, pleasure doing business
Some time has passed since Adam Weaver first approached Devin Blackwood about the Gaians lacking capacity to hold ground or deter their enemies in there ongoing struggle, but finally the first Nemesis Destroyer was ready to deploy.

Standing on the bridge of the now fully operational [Olive Branch], Adam addresses the crew over the internal com system. Attention crew, Today is a day to celebrate what we have and will accomplish, Today is the beginning of a new chapter for Nemesis. Our movement has grown and in turn the resistance to our cause has grown as well, For too long we have struggled to hold ground and have been consistently out gunned by those that would see our movement stamped out. Today we demonstrate we are not going to roll over for our enemies, we will not be broken, we will fight and we will win. Bretonia's government failed my home world of Leeds and seems content to allow the continued occupation of Gaia by the same group of murderers, This can not stand, We will not allow another world to be turned into a Tomb. Until our fight is won we must remember, Si vis pacem, para bellum "If you want peace, prepare for war".,We have a long road yet to go but we have shown we will not stop pushing forward. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication, for maintaining hope and for your fearless resistance in the face of greater foes. With that I will leave you to your celebrations you earned them.