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Full Version: To: TAU-37 Ore Supplies LTD | From: IRMM
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To: TAU-37 Ore Supplies LTD
From: IRMM Outcast Guards
Subject: Banning of *MR| tagged vessels

[Image: MNZDWbA.png]
Good evening representatives of TAU-37 Ore Supplies LTD

As you were speaking with Administrator Shadowwalker few days ago, we'd like you to know the full reasoning behind the request of ours to block *MR| tagged vessels from your base. The MR stands for Maltese Republic and it's a rebel group that is currently being shot on sight by most of the Outcasts due to their anti-Maltese propaganda including claims to stop Cardamine and Slave trade. As such, they may try to lie to you by presenting themselves as a Maltese government, which is false and their power is smaller than most of the mercenary groups which poses no real threat to modular base owners such as yours. Therefore, we'd like you to share information about their ships and movements with us for a free and unobstructed Cardamine trade.

Should you be in a conflict with their forces, feel free to call upon Outcasts' help as most of us have a hairpin trigger against them.

~IRMM Administrators

[Image: C63QmZs.jpg]

O P E N I N G ----- T R A N S M I S S I O N
<<<<<<opening transmission>>>>>>


FROM :Darius Marin CEO TAU-37 Ore Supplies LTD

SUBJECT :Answering your communication

Greetings IRMM

I am Darius Marin CEO of TAU37 Ore Supplies LTD.

I am pleased that you have contacted me because I have been unsure about the Maltese Republic and their ways.

Within the next 72 hours any *MR vessels will be unable to dock at the facility.

Unfortunately I have already registered my facility with this organisation but after you have contacted me I am unsure about their intentions.

If I restrict their vessels from docking then I would like if possible for your'e operatives to keep tabs on my facility just to make sure that there is no attempt to attack or try and board the facility...

In return all your'e IRMM tagged vessels will be allowed to dock without restriction.

At the present moment we are not storing any Ore at the facility or anything else.

I am open to offers of any sort of commodities for which I could store at the facility and sell to any traders or pilots who visit my facility and may I also say that I will cooperate fully with yourselves in any way I can and look forward to a good relationship and also please give my regards to Administrator Shadowwalker.

Kind Regards
Darius marin CEO
Tau Ore Supplies LTD

C L O S I N G-----T R A N S M I S S I O N
<<<<<<Closing transmission>>>>>>
From: IRMM Outcast Guards
Subject: Cooperation

[Image: MNZDWbA.png]

Your registering on their board is Our fault for not contacting you sooner after certain events that took place around Malta. As for their intents of boarding, We assure you they not only lack the firepower against your base but most of the Maltese populace is against them, and since Tau-37 is our space, we do not allow their ships there.

Niobium Ore can certainly find a use in our laboratories and the store permission will surely help aswell.

Thank you for your kind cooperation and regards to Administrator Shadowwalker have been forwarded.

~IRMM Administrators