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Leon Dante ......#Exodite4GM

Greetings to the whole of sirius,

Leon Dante here from Freeport 12,and I would like to officially announce we have a new adition to our base team.
Dr.Edward Hopkins is our new Head of Research and he will be responsible for our brand new venture to improve our standing with others who share our passion to be the best there is.
We are pleased to announce that we are opening a number of research facilities aboard Freeport 12 and also engine research labs aboard Freeport 12 extension.We are also wanting to employ operatives to use these facilities for improving our understanding of space systems and what can be found floating or living in these regions.
Dr. Hopkins will be responsible for taking charge of the full research facility that has just been added to the main base and may I also point out that behind the scenes for the last 6 months we have been gearing up to introduce these changes to our operation.

This announcement is coming to you now so we can actively begin to recruit our new operatives and give them full training on what we do and how we do it.

Whilst you train with us we will offer you a monthly wage which will be discussed with you in private and obviously once you are fully trained this wage will increase and will depend on how many shifts you work.

Each operative who joins us for training will be able to log onto our base page wages scheme to find out how much we pay you and also the COO will keep track of all your hours and also any missions that the research pilots complete.

Below we are pleased to let you examine our new facilities so do take a look
We also have a more detailed analysis of our facilities if you take our facilities tour aboard each base.

We are also requiring contract miners to take part in filling our extension with ores once we have all the relevant means to do so.
Registering as a mining contractor can be done on our recruitment page.

Miners can openly fill the base or fill our operatives to make filling the base easier and also feel free to assist others by filling them up aswell and you can earn credits that way.

We will also be looking into organising a MINER FOR HIRE service sometime in the future so watch out for that,but I must say if you register now you can start earning a wage with us .

Research is a new addition to our facility and we wish to push our facility to the limit in regards to making the systems everyone travels safer.
We will also need permission from certain Governments and Law enforcement and military establishments to conduct our research which at all times will be dealt with by our operatives very professionally and thorough and they will under no circumstances be a threat to any organisation no matter who they are whilst conducting these missions of research.
All research vessels will be unarmed and unable to attack any other vessel whilst they conduct their research.
Research will be conducted within each system under close scrutiny by our command centre aboard Freeport 12.

We will openly communicate with any organisation,government,or law enforcement to make sure we are granted permission to do our research.
Organisations are able to hire us to do research for them which is another addition to the services we are offering.
Anyone who wishes to hire us for research purposes will have the opportunity to fill in a request form which will be available soon.

If you would like to maybe start your training or even just make an enquiry you can openly contact us through this communication and we will try and supply as much information as possible.

May I also point out that any contract vessels whether they are miners or transports we will have to scrutinise your ID first to make sure they adhere to our requirements.

ALL enquiries are welcomed so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay tuned ...........

Many thanks for now..

Leon Dante
Chief of Operations
Zoners of Galileo
Freeport 12 Main Base
Freeport 12 Extension