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Full Version: Freeze Activity Checks
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I can't see the point in them right now. The last check(s) cleaved through several factions when it could be argued things were out of their hands. The alternative to meet the check otherwise is to do the bare minimum to stay alive (trading by 'non-trade' factions, a flurry of pvp before inactivity etc). The fact of the matter is that there are many factors causing factions to be inactive, and I think it'd be healthier to look at the means to fix those issues and provide support first.
you dont even play, is this cus core has 12 hours of activity this quarter?

other than that, yeah i guess. or ask for some sort of explanation from the leaders of factions and see if they can get a set amount of time in the next month or two after failing

uni and holidays are screwing up this quarter real good
(12-04-2019, 11:14 PM)Saronsen Wrote: [ -> ]you dont even play, is this cus core has 12 hours of activity this quarter?

I logged in last week on a Core cap {:

I, or anyone else needing activity, could easily grab several people and copy the current trend by alt-tab trading on logistics ships to grind activity needed, or just fly around doing whatever. Even then we'd just get our first warning anyway;

"Hey hey! Looks like you haven't been afking 50k above the system enough this month, here's a footnote informing you to meet that it next time, instead of reviewing what could have led to this warning"

I digress, I don't think the system meshes well with the current state of the mod, and a step needs to be taken back to see what can be done.
I think this is the obligatory comment from me stating that Nomads cannot even grind activity by trading, which kinda forces us to wait for people to shoot.
Log Marduk > Enable the Cloak > Farm time = Profit
Nerf the amount of activity required to log. From 12 to 8 hours at least.
Activity checks lost meaning when multiple factions log during the last week and collect majority of activity then.