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Full Version: Med Force General and Research
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Location: Baffin System
The original and first home of Dr. John Henry Holliday.

Purpose: Medicine and research

Mission: Taking the cases in Sirius and Gallia no one else can or will and to research new life saving equipment, techniques and medicines.

It has been the long standing mission of Med Force Enterprises to keep a presence throughout Sirius and Gallia and to give medical and humanitarian aid to all regardless of affiliation or what side of the law they walk on. As a bill is never presented to the patient for services rendered, we often receive donations from groups and individuals, all of which goes back into our work. Most of our goods are produced on station or on nearby Med Force One. What we can't is traded for.

John Henry "Doc" Holliday, the creator and founder of the Enterprise, has given his life to his work. He continues to oversee day to day operations from wherever he may be.
And so it begins, the trials and tribulations of Med Force General and Research. We seek to work with like minded groups and people.

ID: Hagbard Celine

subject: situation around

Location: Baffin, Ambassadors Office

Encryption: white Level: fancy

Kallisti Doc,

nice to see ya well and healthy in here. from congratulation straight to questions. as you might have heard the cabbage in 49 arises. looks like they need a profund medical service in the nearby future. not knowing how your current stance to the bretonians and those crimerean privateers, believe it or not the claim canaria or big parts of it - and it is tralalala - selim himself. a very discodian move, nuts but discordian,

anyways if you decide to take seat at lanzarote, be advised, that the popes will help ya with the whole erisian fleet. i have a small freighter and a gunboat stationed at lanzarote. both equipped with a mobile medical unit for quick first aid, but we are far away from your medical expertise. like you we have fairly friendly and neutral talkings and business with the locals - in short they dont shoot at us.

just give us a call.

Hagbard Celine
Pope of the hub chao and pontifical discordian ambassador
Hey there, Hagbard,

It is always good to hear from my TAZ friends. In my book, you will always be family.
Bretonians? Not my favorite people but you will be happy to know that Canaria Medical is still there. After all, I built it. I have staff there now and I do visit to check in on them.
Yes, we need to get together on Lanzerote. Perhaps I can get you all trained up a bit, I mean, I cannot always be around ya know!
Storage unit completed.