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Full Version: Transmission to HAF
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*Incoming Transmission*
Message To: HAF Command
Comm ID: Ruuku Ochi of The Black Dragon Society

Konnichiwa, HAF. Recently my agents have spotted you entering and pirating in Kusari, this does not make your allies here happy. I suggest you think twice about who's home you go running into next time you decide to step on feet. I backed the counsel in your little uprising, and if I had my own way you'd all have your throats slit. Knock next time you find yourself at our door, or stay the hell out.

Ruuku Ochi
*End Transmission*
*Incoming Transmission*
Message To: Ruuku Ochi of The Black Dragon Society
Comm ID: HAF-C-Bosnio.Loco


As I see this one has been not replied, will take my chance by avoiding chain of command and reply:

HAF is not an pirating faction. If there were any HAF members in Kusari that was only for adjustment of reputation. I speak from personal experience. If by any chance there were cases of pirating by any of our members in any system, we would like to be presented with an evidence and I assure you my superiors will take action which will result with serious sanctions.

Bosnio Out

*End of transmision*
*Incoming Transmission*
To: Ruuku Ochi of The Black Dragon Society


HAF is a militarized faction; And our members have to leave off the space Corsair in solitaire forbiddenly; In addition, piracy is not our principal activity neither it is one of our goals.

I suggest to your men that they should accomplish their work with better mode, perhaps their discipline is relaxed.

In addition, we should see the proofs of the accusation that is imputed to us, send them for private message or as you want.

Respect a the threats of cutting our throat; Let me say it that we are not worried about; The warriors see themselves in the battlefield, no at the offices or bars. The honor also is a part of the enemy's mystique, no only of oneself.

Diplomatic CEO
HAF Diplomatic Council

*End of transmision*

//ooc. please let us fix our reputations, as you know, a lot of thing was changed with this new Mod 4.85 Reunion.