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Hispania Imperial
Information & Target Bounty Board

The bounty board has now reopened.

The Hispania Imperial is delighted to post a long needed bounty board for the Outcasts and their allies, if you are not affiliated with the Outcasts or one of the allied factions. Then please register here.

Information Bounties - Information deemed to be reliable, and/or usable will be rewarded with up to 10,000,000 depending on the nature of the information.

Your Name/Call-sign: *Your character name*
Bank Account: *Where to wire money*

Target: *Call-sign of the target*
ID Scan: *ID picture link*
Forum Link/picture: *Picture link* (Maybe sent in PM to avoid Meta-gaming)

Context/Additional Evidence: *Context and Evidence.*

Areas of claim:

Bretonia: Cambridge, Dublin, Manchester, New London, Newcastle, Poole (Includes bordering systems)

Gallia: Burgundy, Champagne, Dauphine, Ile-de-France, Languedoc, Lorraine, Orleanais, Picardy, Provence (Includes bordering systems)

Kusari: Chugoku, Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu, New Tokyo, Shikoku, Tohoku, Tottori (Includes bordering systems)

Liberty: Alaska, California, Colorado, Kansas, New York, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia (Includes bordering systems)

Rheinland: Cologne, Dresden, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, New Berlin, Stuttgart, Thuringia (Includes bordering systems)

Omicrons: Omicron Alpha, Omicron Beta, Omicron Gamma, Omicron Delta, Omicron Epsilon, Omicron Theta, Omicron Iota, Omicron Kappa, Omicron Major, Omicron Mu, Omicron Xi, Omicron Rho

Omegas: Omega-2, Omega-3, Omega-5, Omega-7, Omega-11, Omega-41, Omega-47, Omega-49, Omega-52, Omega-54, Omega-55, Omega-58

Sigmas: Sigma-13, Sigma-15, Sigma-17, Sigma-19, Sigma-21, Sigma-59, Okinawa

Taus: Edinburgh, Baffin, Orkney, Leeds, Roussillon, Tau-23, Tau-29, Tau-31, Tau-37, Tau-44, Tau-53

Base rates:

Fighters/Bombers/Freighters/Transports - 5,000,000
Gunboats - 8,000,000
Destroyer/Cruisers/Battle-Cruisers - 10,000,000
Battleships/Dreadnoughts - 12,000,000

Standard members of -|- receive +100% on all valid hits.
Armada-only members (-|-A.) receive +50% on all valid hits.

Note: ID scans and timestamped confirmations on kills are MANDATORY.

Applicable Targets:

Alternative targets -
Valid Area(s): Sirius Wide
Accepted IFFs: Numerous
Valid tags:
A/) - + 2,000,000

Bounty-Hunters -
Valid Area(s): Sirius Wide
Accepted IFFs: Bounty Hunter
If they beg for mercy, before the hit = + 5,000,000
BHG| = + 5,000,000

Bretonia -
Valid Area(s): Bretonia, Taus, Omicrons
Accepted IFFs: Police, Armed Forces, BIS, Privateer
BAF| - + 2,000,000

Corsairs -
Valid Area(s): Sirius Wide
Accepted IFFs: Corsair
If they're currently getting food = +5,000,000
If you refer to them as "Mud-hut dwelling, starving savages" before the hit = +1,000,000
[TBH] = + 2,000,000

Crayter Republic -
Valid Area(s): Bretonia, Liberty, Omicrons, Tau
Accepted IFFs: Crayter
=CR= = + 2,000,000

Gallics -
Valid Area(s): Bretonia, Gallia, Omicrons, Tau
Accepted IFFs: Gallic Police, Navy and Intelligence Service. Enclave. Union Corse. Maquis.
MdG/ = + 2,000,000
MNG| = + 2,000,000
GSB]- = + 2,000,000

Independent-Miners Guild
Valid Area(s): Bretonia, Taus
Accepted IFFs: IMG

Kusari -
Valid Area(s): Kusari, Sigmas, Taus, Omicrons
Accepted IFFs: Kusari Police, Navy, Secret Police, Hogosha, GMG.
[KNF] = +2,000,000
<|> = +2,000,000
GMG| = +2,000,000

Liberty -
Valid Area(s): Liberty, Omicrons, Sigmas, Taus
Accepted IFFs: Liberty Police, Navy (except for 46th| & [LIA] tagged ships) and Security Force. Cryer, Insurgency, Xenos.
If you insult them enough that they attack you first, before the hit = +1,000,000
If you inform them that the Hispania Imperial sends their regards = +1,000,000 (Insurgency only)
5th = + 2,000,000
[LN] = + 2,000,000
LPI- = 2,000,000
=LSF= + 2,000,000
XA- = +2,000,000
IN| = +2,000,000

Order -
Valid Area(s): Kusari, Omicrons, Omegas, Sigmas
Accepted IFFs: The Order
If you remind them about Toledo before the hit = +1,000,000
Order| = + 2,000,000

Sirius Coalition -
Valid Area(s): Sirius Wide
Accepted IFFs: Coalition
If you tell them the revolution is over, before the hit: +1,000,000
SCRA| = +2,000,000
SCEC| = +2,000,000
*VI| = +2,000,000

[Image: 144b.png][Image: 3w.png]
[Image: 13w.png][Image: 20w.png][Image: 33w.png][Image: 40w.png]


Texas, Liberty Navy, Liberty Dreadnaught
15 000 000 SC
ID Kill


Credits: 15 000 000 SC
Account: LH~Raphael.Drake
Raphael Drake, nice catch. We've included a bonus for being the first.

Good hunting.

[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: iaITbXS.png]

As an expanded opening bonus, the next 9 listed hits upon this board will receive an extra 10,000,000. This includes multiple claims.

Good hunting.

[Image: iaITbXS.png]

[Image: 140d.png][Image: 6w.png]
[Image: 10w.png][Image: 20w.png][Image: 34w.png][Image: 43w.png]


Texas, Liberty Navy, Interdictor
10 000 000 SC


Credits: 20 000 000 SC
Account: LH~Mildred.Wolfe
Liberty down another capital. Lets hope it puts a dent in their ship reserves.

Good work.

[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: iaITbXS.png]

Your Name/Call-sign: -|-Infirmus
Bank Account: -|-Infirmus

Target: [LN]-Alan.Jones, LPI-Blake.S[O]
ID Scan: ID's & Kills
Forum Link/picture: -

Context/Additional Evidence: -
Payment owned: 12.000.000 S.C
Good work, some less Liberty goons to worry about. Additionally, LPI have been listed, our mistake on missing them.

Enjoy the bonus.

[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: iaITbXS.png]

Your Name/Call-sign: -|-Infirmus
Bank Account: -|-Infirmus

Target: [LN]-Alan.Jones, Horo_Kenrou
ID Scan: ID's & Kills
Forum Link/picture: -

Context/Additional Evidence: -
Payment owned: 14.500.000 S.C
Nice work, curious a lone Crayter roaming around, either way it got what it deserved.

Enjoy the bonus.

[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: iaITbXS.png]

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