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Full Version: To: Lane Hackers
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Greetings. You do not know me. I do not know you. It would be best for us to keep it this way. If you really need a name to call me by, you may call me Romulus.

I've heard that if one were to look for information on the whereabouts of a certain ship belonging to Libertonian Law Enforcement, it would be you. So, here I am. A Liberty Cruiser by the callsign of Indianapolis, along with three other unidentified cruiser or battlecruiser class ships, ran a hit on a supplier of mine a while ago. I lost a good friend, and I lost a significant amount of money during that time. Naturally, I desired vengeance, but not until now did I have the power to carry it out. However, I haven't seen it out and about, and as such have no clue as to where it is.

Any information you have would would be appreciated, and in return, I could provide a monetary compensation, or a long term relationship with an unlikely ally, or supplies for future developments... you get the point. I have supplies at my disposal, and I have an anger fit to last a millennia.

Please, show me a display of the famed Hacker intellect.


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