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Full Version: Rise from austerity to greatness
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My Life before and slightly after joining the Lane Hackers

While the Lane Hackers are all about leaving our old life's behind I want to leave a paper trail in our systems for no other reasons then allowing me to look back on the austere life that I left behind, I no longer have a different name my old name is no more,

To save repeating myself I will skip over what we already know like my birthplace and age and the rest and go right into my history with Ageira Technologies hired at the tender age of 18 my first two years with them was normal admin-based tasks this was what I expected, but my last two years went downhill fast they moved my office near the security office and firing range.

I didn't think much of it at the time. The tasks were getting more and more dangerous for example testing the white boxes something I was never trained for or my other example sent out on a solo patrol with next to no fighter training it was at this point I realised they were trying to get me killed and blame it on an accident or my own mishandling of their technology.

Towards the end of my fourth year, I had given up trying to make things work they reduced my pay to even lower than the pitiful salary that at the time I was told was one of the highest-paid jobs, to something that I can't even begin to explain how little it was. I had nothing to lose I had no money I lost my apartment I was near on living in the office I knew it was only a matter of time before I had to get out of there before they did kill me.

Turns out one of my colleagues was one of our men on the inside feeding information back to the system, once I explained my plight he had explained how to deliver data packets to the professorship I will admit I thought the Professorship was a ghost story meant to scare us, my real thoughts on what happened when it worked out and when I met a member of the Professorship are and will remain obscured in history its been a good few months since I escaped, but I will never forget my escape.

My hand was forced I had to escape from Pueblo Station as Ageira Technologies sent their security division to wipe out my whole office block every office every break room everything was shot up. When I first heard the gunshots I thought they were doing a training operation but the bloodcurdling screams had quickly changed my mind, we could never defend ourselves as there was no weapons outside of the armoury,
I made a dash for the weapons lockers praying there was still a blaster to help me fight my way to the shuttle bay as the Lane Hackers had told me the rough location of a lightly armed shuttle on fighter bay 34.

as I was untrained with the weapon I quickly holstered it and kept running towards a ship that I was not fully sure existed to my surprise the Lane Hackers was right there was an unlocked flight-ready shuttle waiting for me.
the rest is history