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Full Version: Janitor Research Facility
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[Image: eKti9yo.png]

Janitor Reseach station was made by Die Vierergruppe. Situated in Thuringa system it offers a huge advantage point for all Federal agent. Location of the base is classified due to its sensitive purpose. Facility was born after, Finn Wagner , Vizeadmiral of Rheinland Kamaraden, seeing the lack of specialized equipment for a precision strikes and that's how the initiative has been taken.

Hangar bays
[Image: kuwO3HC.jpg?1] Two hangar bays with multiple landing plantforms are available for fighter/bomber class ships, full with weapons and equipment for refueling, rearming and repairing all ships in record time.
Featuring one more massive hangar for capital ships. This hangar is used for resupplying Federalist capital vessels and construction of new one in near future. [Image: PJZWDgL.jpg?1]
Living Quarters
[Image: lj8aOjc.jpg] Multiple luxury living quarters are avaliable throughout the station which currently is a house of two-hundred men and women.
Reseach Labs
Janitor is featuring 4 different high tech reseach labs with 40 researchers working on weapon and armor technologies, and trying to develop a new ship designs and most importantly on health care. [Image: 2B71l2P.jpg]
Weapons Armory
[Image: nWNhQiC.jpg] Equipted with little to no small arms Rheinland Kamaraden is making sure all weapons are fully functional and well maintenanced.

Janitor research station is on of the kind with best technology available at the moment, very soon it will be expanded.