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Full Version: Med Force Donryu RnD
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Donryu Research & Development

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Omicron Theta, Orinoco cloud


Dr. John Holliday, Founder, Med Force Enterprises
Dr. Jill Xi, Station Administrator, Med Force Donryu RnD


Pharmaceutical research and product development

Public access:

The station is open to the public with the exception of sections Delta and Echo for these are the labs which are labeled biological hazardous and can only be accessed by authorised and qualified personnel. All other areas are open and the facility even offers a emergency clinic to treat any injured with specialised facilities for radiation illness treatment.


With the rapid growth and expansion of the Med Force General-B hospital in Omicron Theta and the failure at a joint R&D project with Cryer Pharmaceuticals MFE needed a new R&D facility to house it research staff.

With the discovery of MFE-117, a promising new drug in anti-radiation therapy, the need for more vigorous testing including clinical trials was born. The new facility came in the form of an abandoned research station in Sigma-19 which was moved to it's current position in the Orinoco cloud. As this station (which still bears the name of the cloud in which she was initially built) is surrounded by mild energy emissions from the nebula it not only proves to be a great testing ground but also neutralises any escaping, potentially harmful pathogens, rendering them harmless.

Current projects:

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Station Log
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09/07/827: Digital ownership keys issued by GM.LLC.
09/07/827: Station pre-initialisation inspection.
10/07/827: Station inspection completed, station boot sequence started.
10/07/827: Station operational.
11/07/827: Station cleanup operation started (79 staff on station).
14/07/827: Cleanup operation done.
14/07/827: Re-stocking and rebuild of vital station areas.
03/08/827: Rebuild on schedule.
04/08/827: Base Movement program initiated, docking bays cleared.
21/09/827: Base moved to Omicron Theta, sector E4.
21/09/827: Station pre-initialisation inspection.
21/09/827: Station inspection completed, station boot sequence started.
21/09/827: Station operational.


03/08/827: 216, Nstr
08/08/827: 0 human personnel, 2 droids remaining
21/09/827: 202, Nstr


17/07/827: HVAC issues. All crew evacuated according to procedures. Skeleton crew remains.
03/08/827: HVAC issues resolved, station rebuild recommencing. Crew change.
04/08/827: Docking bays cleared for incoming shipments.
09/08/827: Remote base control procedures malfunctioning. No engineers on station, computers are rebooting randomly.
21/09/827: Base re-initialised, all systems running normal.


11/07/827: Outbound message to Sigma-19 ZoI representatives
03/08/827: No response from [X] faction on diplomatic channels despite retransmitting and boosting the original transmission. Awaiting response.
04/08/827: Base targeted for destruction by GMG. Diplomatic channel still open, preparing to move facility.
08/08/827: Base targeted for destruction by GMG, evacuation orders issued.
21/09/827: Base relocated to Theta, diplomatic channels open.

Safety & Security:

17/07/827: HVAC issues, evacuation according to procedures, maintenance crew remains onboard station, apart from a few bruises from the swift evac procedures no crew suffered any injuries.
03/08/827: HVAC issues resolved, safety checks and refitting of safety equipment commencing.
04/08/827: GMG ID's disallowed docking, emergency care still allowed.
06/08/827: GMG Docking rights restored, responsible security officer suspended
08/08/827: Base targeted for destruction by GMG, evacuation orders issued.
21/09/827: Normal operations started. No Safety & Security issues reported.