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Full Version: SVW - Particle Pulse Accelerator Cannon
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»» Engineering Report: Battlecruiser Particle Pulse Accelerator Cannon

»» Name: Engº. Karl Furlain
»» Team: Blue
»» Rank: Project Lead
»» Authorized by: Dr. Jack Frakes
»» Location: Secret Valley Workshop - Engineering Workshop Compartment Blue / 3E / New London - Bretonia

»» Summary

We have constructed multiple items of the type Battlecruiser Particle Pulse Accelerator Cannon. They are now available for sale.

Detailed Report

»» Detailed report

Battlecruiser particle pulse accelerator cannon
PPAC, ppac.

On one occasion, a Secret Valley Workshop ship was returning from Ontario, where he had been fetching supplies to HQ Base in New London and jumping to Cortez came across a battlefield. I heard it was a cultist invasion. The commander of our transport approached dangerously close to the battle, very close to the Apahanta Ship, a remarkable Battlecruiser The Core. He had just collected a very curious weapon. Immediately the Commander ordered the technicians to scan the weapon. This gun seemed to be working. With the scanner data the SVW was able to articulate a similar weapon, which is now for sale through our company. Our plans to build weapons construction are always at an accelerated pace because of the high demand occurring in our galaxy.

Battlecruiser Particle Pulse Accelerator Cannon
Neutral Type

[Image: EXfjDgJ.png]

[Image: unknown.png]
This weapon proved to be of great effectiveness. Its plasma beams are incredibly powerful, cause impressive damage against shield. When using it, we advise you to be very careful with the distance.

Therefore, we put some copies in the Shop for demonstration and interest of anyone who wishes to order.

We are now pleased to inform you that these weapons can be found and purchased in the sales department of Secret Valley Workshop.

No more ...

This concludes my report.

Karl Furlain
"Battleship Gale Cannon" Project Lead, Engineering Team Blue / 3E, Secret Valley Workshop