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Full Version: Sofia's Aluminium outpost
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Sofia's Aluminium outpost
[Image: RqM2Gfl.png]

Sofia's Aluminium outpost is a family business that used to run it over centuries until an intruder has come and torn the family business to tiny pieces.

Now Sofia is alone and eager to keep have family tradition by creating another base for an Aluminium. Their past station located in Munich, Until they couldn't get their ships in this restricted zone due to the civil war, Which Mierer's Family don't care about diplomacy and try to maintain neutral relations between the Federalists and the Imperialists in Rheinland. The base constructed on 15/7/827 A.S.

The business was booming at start selling ores and was really out of stock that they had to close down the station to build more storage for the base, and later on, they constructed a shield generator Thanks to Universal Shipping Inc' who helped in the construction and made the base in a strong position against any other intruders. Also, she is under the protection of a fleet that she has a connection to by giving them percentages of her earnings to them.

Current price per ore is 2,800 credits per unit

the lowest price ever you will manage to find in Rheinland!

Current in stock: 36k aluminium ores

Any trade agreements: None

Suppliers: Freelancer group

Base location: D4