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Olivia Sable
Major stories and communications as well as a list of contributors to her roleplay, all collected for your reading pleasure. Feel free to leave some feedback!


Sable's Experiences [ongoing]
A collection of snippets from Olivia's life; experiences, encounters, emotions.
Now with chronological links to other stories for a complete reading experience!

Act One

Close Encounter
A specter from her past sends Olivia on a mission to Kepler - one that almost costs her her life, if it weren't for an unexpected encounter. [Posts 4 through 26 of Sable's Experiences]

Pitstop on Pittsburgh
A date on Pittsburgh with the Commander of the infamous Xeno Alliance? Olivia's curiosity overcomes her caution with ease.

Running into a pilot who had shot down both herself and her best friend wasn't what Olivia had hoped for during her vacation to Kusari, but perhaps they might get along over drinks nonetheless.

A vigilante investigation into the murder of a friend of Cobra's reunites Olivia with a number of people from her past, including the man whose deeds had haunted her for years.

Waking from the Nightmare
Assembling her former company, Olivia sets out to put an end once and for all to the man whose evils have tormented her for years.

Wrapping Up
Olivia ties up a last loose end before putting Pedro's memories behind her for good.

An Unexpected Find


Adventure, Again
Canceled & retconned.

"I'll Come Back"
A chance at riches overcomes Olivia's apprehension about venturing once more into the Omicrons. A grave mistake. (Title changed.)

Gone & Missing [spin-off]
Worried about Olivia's whereabouts, a retired mercenary and a damaged AI head out into the black to learn the truth of what has become of their friend.

Act Two

A Second Chance
Despite the unknown attacker's best efforts, Olivia wakes from a coma to find herself still among the living, thanks to the efforts of a mysterious benefactor.

Lunch on the planet of Lost Angels
After a return to Liberty that was far less welcoming than hoped for, a lunch date with an understanding acquaintance and her sister seems like a perfect distraction from Olivia's worries.

Dreamscapes [ongoing]
Of late, the nightmares Olivia believed she had left behind return, haunting what little sleep she can find.

Olivia is on the run from the law after committing murders she can not remember - forced to leave behind a life she had just gotten used to.


Important Communications

Major Contributors

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Always a pleasure to interact with.
Updated Sable's Experiences with links to other stories where chronologically appropriate to make things a little less of a mess.