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Full Version: Yamaguchi to join Dauphine Offensive
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Yamaguchi to join Dauphine Offensive
PLANET NEW TOKYO -Despite initial resistance in the parliament to further reduce the concentration of KNF forces in Kusari proper, the Shogunate of the Reformed Kusari Empire has ordered the Yamaguchi provisioned for deployment to Languedoc, to bolster the reconquest of Dauphine for a strike upon Fourchambault. The Yūkōkai continue to protest the deployment of the Yamaguchi, citing the growing risk of blood dragon incursion, and the looming threat of Libertonian sword rattling along the border in Shikoku, but Fleet Command has ordered constant sweeps of the Keiun by the Myoko, and deployed extra contingents of Kusari State Police to Otaru patrol the Hokkaido-Rishiri supply lines, with heavy reinforcements on call from Wakkanai and the Sado. Conservatives of the Kusari Justice Party have raised concerns about climbing social strife on Kyushu, but the Kyushu Governorate continues to call for local leaders to calm things peacefully.

The fleet is and its auxiliary are currently taking on tonnes of provision, munition, and materials of every description, an undertaking causing logistical and economic delays on Honshu and other sectors, due to the high usage of civilian transports by the Navy. Meanwhile, nearly every muster point has received a glut of volunteers. Yamaguchi Auxiliary vessels are moored across from Planet Honshu across the empire to Tsushima Depot in Kyushu, and many non-military priority shipments have been delayed, and civilian held ships are being commandeered off the civilian market to meet the orders of the Yamaguchi quartermasters. With such high demand, the Empire has once again bolstered its wartime economy.

Rumors about the Yamaguchi's volunteers have picked up on local networks, citing various odd behaviors one would not expect of a Naval enlistee or Officer. When asked for a comment, Yagamuchi Executive Officer Honjou Moriuji has stated: "I am not surprised by the level of rowdiness present in our recent conscripts. In fact, emotions are high across the fleet, given our upcoming deployment. It is perfectly reasonable to expect that men headed to war would act out, and with the huge number of ships docked, there's going to be the occasional outlier". He refused to comment on specific cases of surprisingly odd behavior, arguing that he could not speak about cases under investigation.