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Full Version: High treason prompts power change in the Enclave
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[Image: GPWEaDx.png?1] 743 AGS - High treason prompts power change in the Enclave
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BREAKING NEWS: Director-Regent d’Avignon executed for Treason, Provisional Enclave Directorate assumes the power

Planet Bordeaux, Aquitaine system - Director-Regent of the Gallic Royal Enclave, Renée Hennequin d'Avignon, was executed for treason against the people of Gallia. The information was confirmed yesterday by the Provisional Enclave Directorate, the new ruling body of the Gallic Enclave. The spokesperson of the Directorate, Julien de Lacroix, issued a statement in which the Director-Regent was charged with espionage and selling sensitive information on Enclave’s defences to adversary for commercial benefit:

“Director-Regent betrayed the trust and duties bestowed upon him as the King’s regent, this is the highest level of treason and the punishment is only death. The motive of such a heinous crime was greed, he simply sold us expecting to get enough money to escape and live luxurious life with enemies conspiring against the people he swore to protect. Luckily, our agents intercepted her data transmission and prevented the enemy from getting it, in doing so proving Director-Regent being guilty. He was executed by guillotine the very same day without trial for he deserved none.”

The precedent of the highest ranking nobility betraying the army and the people casts shadows over the position of the nobility in the hierarchy of the Enclave in general. The fact that nobles have often schemed against the interest of the people continues to swing public opinion toward the military command that is already the de facto ruler of the Enclave. Seen as more predictable, reliable, and responsible for the survival of the Kingdom’s remnants, the Royal Army remains the basis of the Enclave where every third man is a member of the Royal Army or Fleet. At this point, the factionalism of the nobility previously seen as an inalienable part of Gallic politics is beginning to be perceived as a liability to furthering national goals and ideas and the military leaders of the Enclave keeping in mind the survival of the nation can no longer close eyes on intrigues of selfish barons and counts.

The Provisional Directorate stepping up to become the ruling body of the Enclave, the nobility of Bordeaux is raising concerns that it is de facto a coup d’etat by the army that would stray the Enclave away from the traditions of Gallic Monarchy towards a simple junta.

Because of most high-ranking army officers being of noble blood themselves, the conflict is also seen as rivalry between civilian and military nobility. However, the army allows a talented commoner to rise in ranks and become on par or even surpass nobility based on one’s merits while a civilian administration deprives commoners of such opportunity. This allowed the Provisional Directorate to get tremendous public support among the commoners of Bordeaux and the servicement of the Royal Army.

The Provisional Directorate pledged to carry out further investigation of possible traitors among the Enclave nobility and assured that the security of the Enclave and its population is the highest concern of the new ruling body. Saving Gallia from Kusari invasion, restoring stability, and fortification of Enclave’s space were listed as the other policy milestones for the nearest future.