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Full Version: Player Sanctioned: Blaupunkt_007
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Blaupunkt_007 has been sanctioned for:

Quote:3.6 - Attacking without Roleplay. Players must be given reasonable time to react to hostilities.
4.4 - Every char must have only one type of ID equipped and they must play to that ID. Ship and equipment infocards which specify their use on a specific ID or specific ship must only be used on that ID or ship. In all other cases where these restrictions and allowances conflict with the server rules, the ID overrides the rules (except 4.6).


You were in New York, where your shouldn't have been, shooting without a word said. Not what is expected.

Seeing as you are relatively new, you will find your expensive ship in Bastille until you post here assuring us that you have read and understood the Server Rules.

If you require evidence, you may request such via PM from a Staff member. Only the accused or an official faction leader of the accused person's faction may request such. Once you have the evidence, and if you wish to dispute it, you may post in the Sanction Thread below. Do not continue PM'ing a staff member, as that will result in your Appeal being denied. If you PM a staff or post in the sanction thread and you are not directly involved, you are consenting to be subjected to the reprisal of my choice which may involve in game repercussions up to a ban. Blaming members of your immediate family, neighbors, friends, pets, and assorted Orcs, Trolls and any other legendary creatures may result in the use of GM Right #CTE 750AE
I read and understood.